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 Make A Stand

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PostSubject: Make A Stand   Tue 07 Dec 2010, 9:45 am

December 7

Make a Stand

Life is a great big canvas—throw all the paint you can on it.

— Danny Kaye

At a seminar, a man confessed, “I was afraid to tell my friends no, because I feared they would not like me if I did, but then I realized I didn’t have any friends because no one knew who I really was.”

For a long time, I was afraid to tell the truth, for I feared I would be rejected if I did. Then I discovered that I had paid the dear price of intimacy. In my fear that I would be unlovable if people knew who I was, I found that I was unreachable because I was unknown.

No matter what you say or do, there will be people who agree and disagree, those who like you and don’t like you. It’s unrealistic to expect that everyone is always going to approve of you. The only person whose approval really counts is your own.

I once sent out a newsletter mailing with the tongue-in-cheek return address of “Immaculate Cohenceptions.” To my surprise, I received several angry letters, including one from a convent, complaining that I had insulted Catholicism. Since my intention was harmless, I felt unnerved by this reaction, and I voiced my concern at a retreat I was conducting.

A man named Scott offered this comment: “Alan, one of the things I love most about you is your sense of humor; I have found it to be very healing. If you shut down on your creativity because you’re afraid of a few reactions, then I must tell you that I will be disappointed in you, probably along with a bunch of other folks. ”

Suddenly I realized that there is NO way I’m going to please everyone!! I might as well just be who and what I am, and trust that the universe will support me for my authenticity. As an old tombstone in Texas reads,

“Be what you is, ‘cuz if you is what you ain’t, you ain’t what you is. ”

I pray to know and trust that You created me in wisdom and goodness.

I live from my heart. Sincerity is my key to success.

This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.
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Make A Stand
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