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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome Blong

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PostSubject: Welcome Blong   Sun 19 Dec 2010, 11:24 am

Hello & Welcome to you BLong!!

Hello to you Blong & welcome to the forum!! cheers My name is Beth & I wanted to say "Hello" to you, as well as to find out more about you & what made you decide to join us on this precious forum where you will always "Belong" should you choose to do so. With recovery often comes the feeling of lonliness & isolation & the feeling of being "the only one out there" who has suffered from the affliction of opiate addiction or is very close to someone else who is currently enduring the affects of this horrible disease.
Not many people go around saying, "Hey listen- I am addicted to opiates. Wanna talk?"
Who wants to tell their most horrifying stories about what this disease has caused them to do within their lives to someone who just CANNOT understand? That is right where we come in... Everyone of us on here have been effected by opiate addiction, if not personally, then usually a wife or Mother who wants to obtain 100% HON code Certified information along with references, meaning completely accurate facts about this drug & disease to possibly help out their loved ones. Or at least being able to pass along the facts that they have obtained by being here & also by seeing that they too are not alone with having a person close to them being affected by this situation. Painkillers are the most widely abused drugs in our country. Yet, you don't hear too much about this situation because many people don't even realize that they have an addiction until they attempt to stop using them & they are legally prescribed by their own trusted doctor, so what is the problem? The problem comes when this person that has been taking these type of meds tries to stop taking them, when this person realizes that they cannot make it throughout a day without having their pills or when the realization hits that they are getting worked up into a panic worrying about having enough of their meds for tomorrow & the next day & the next day, etc. These are all signs of addiction. Especially if it comes to the point of no longer having any at that moment & the lack of having them within your system causes you to feel deathly sick. (dope sick) Then, the ONLY thing that your mind can focus on is how to obtain more & more & more of their drug of choice to prevent that sickness from returning. It is a horrible vicious cycle that I had absolutely NO CLUE how to go about getting out of, especially when I was only spiraling down out of control more & more everyday as I was filled with self disgust & loathing regarding the situation that I was in, but didn't know how to go about getting out of being in it, until I started Suboxone! I honestly know that it has saved my life! I had never even heard of this medication before that- all I ever knew that was out there for opiate abuse was Methadone, yet my doctors told me that was a more addictive drug than what I was already on & that I would actually be making my addiction worse by choosing that option. So it came down to if I wanted & I mean, truly WANTED to be off of the full opiates, then this seemed like my best choice! I have taken Methadone here & there while I was still using & unable to get my Oxycontins, yet only to prevent me from being sick. I never did overtake them, nor abuse them, as they wrere my "backup" plan in case of running out of the Oxycontins. I got them from a friend though who took them as well, but he was given the 10ng tablets & would take 15-20 of them at one time because he said that the buzz was so great! I knew that if I stopped Oxycontins, but went onto something even stronger, then I was done for! I am so grateful for the option of having the Suboxone!

Are you also taking Suboxone or thinking of going onto it? As you can most likely tell, I am all for advocating the usage of this medication for getting & remaining off the opiates. I have been on the Suboxone for coming around the bend to 3 years, so far 2 years & 8 months and have not taken an opiate within that time period. I just wanted to be free of that anchor of addiction that had me by the ankle pulling me under further & further. Luckily, I found out about another option & a whole other way of living! The chain has been severed from that anchor! I can be nothing but grateful & thankful that I was given this chance to live a life without "needing" a drug that was killing me, as well as the pain of my family watching me go, but not having any control to help me stop. I didn't know how to talk to them about it at the time because they did NOT understand & really, neither did I!! I then came across this forum where I found so many others just like me who understood exactly what I was trying so hard to explain & put into words what I was going through, but I barely needed to begin to explain as people instantly welcomed me & told me to hang on, that I really COULD & WOULD make it through this by opening up & letting out all of the pain from the past as well as focusing on my new found future! I encourage the same from you Blong. You obviously joined this foum for a reason pertaining to opiate abuse & I would sincerely appreciate you opening up & letting us in to help! Is there anything inparticular that you need help with? Do you have a Suboxone Provider that you are happy with or are you looking for one? Are you insured? As the cost of the medication is quite pricey, but well worth every cent of geting your life back! If you are having any trouble locating a Provider or are in need of some financial aide for the cost of your medication, that is what we are here for, as well as to listen to you if you just need to "vent" out your feelings to others who understand what it is like to be walking in your shoes since we have all been through the process of beginning recovery. I ask you to please open up to us & let us know what you need & how we can possibly help you through it. Please just remember that we are not mind readers & NEED YOU to tell us about your own situation to be able to help you in the best way as possible! I really look forward to hearing more about you & where you are within your addiction and/ or recovery! We really are here to listen & to try to help in any fashion possible. Or who knows that by sharing your situation, you may just inspire someone else who is struggling to begin to open up or that they have much in common with you & can relate better to what you have to say. After all, we have all come from different walks of life, but regardless, addiction does not discriminate & here we all are, trying to bounce ideas off of each other to make us ALL better in the long run! I truly hope to hear from you soon BLong & to get to know you better & if there is anything that we can possibly help you get through, then sinply let us know & we'll try our best to accomodate you & your situation!

Happy Holidays to you & yours and what a wonderful year you have to look forward to having!
Yours throughout this journey of recovery,
Beth I love you
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Welcome Blong
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