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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome Nicklo to the Suboxone Forum

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PostSubject: Welcome Nicklo to the Suboxone Forum   Mon 27 Dec 2010, 2:04 pm

Hello Nicklo and welcome!
My name is nannamom, the manager of the forum and it is a pleasure to have you hear with us. Our moderator Beth will be here soon to say hello and welcome you as well.
Are you currently a Suboxone patient or are you thinking about starting Suboxone? Either way you are most welcome.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. There are no wrong questions and that's what we are here for.
When you have time I'd like to suggest that you check out our Suboxone Assisted Treatment website if you already haven't. It is a wealth of information on the subjects of Suboxone and addiction. The link to the website is:

After reading the website and if you still can't find what your looking for please send me a message and I will be happy to help.Take your time and read the postings of the other members, there is a lot here and will probably take some time to go through it all.
When you are finished we would like to hear about you and what brings you here to the forum.
Give a shout any time.
Yours in Recovery


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Nicklo to the Suboxone Forum   Tue 28 Dec 2010, 11:06 am

Hello & Welcome to you Nicklo!!

Hi Nicklo-

How's it going? My name is Beth & I wanted to come to say HELLO to you & let you know how glad we are that you have joined our group here. I see that Dee told you all about the site & why we are here, so I won't repeat those same things again, but instead, I am going to ask you what made you decide to become a member here? Are you personally struggling with an addiction to opiates or are you in recovery? Or is a close loved one struggling with this horrific disease? Either way, you have come to a wonderful place to learn about addiction & recovery, share your own successes & struggles & have a "safe" place that you can open up & tell others who understand exactly what it is like to be in those same shoes where you are in your journey & how you are getting through it. Or if you are stuck in a certain spot that maybe we can help to pull you out of by you sharing your situation with those of us here that have already gone through that same kind of ordeal & what worked for them to get past that mudhole. Or if you are further along in your recovery, maybe by you sharing your experiences & what HAS worked for YOU, you can inspire or help someone else who is in the same spot by giving them a positive way out. It's no coincidence that we are all here, but it is up to you in how you participate within this great group of people who have worked so hard to get into recovery & remain here!! I am very proud to tell you that I have been in recovery for about 2 3/4 years with the miracle maintenance medication of Suboxone. I began my recovery without the Suboxone, but struggled badly on a daily basis, then I learned of this wonder drug for others who were in an addiction to opiates as I was. The first question that went through my mind was, "Where can I sign up?" Then I went through the process of finding a Provider & a way to be able to pay for this costly medication, as I had no insurance & needed help to be able to stay on it. I have been in good shape since that point... how grateful I am to be telling you this rather than what my life used to be like before I began my recovery back to my "old self!" The days BEFORE that addiction which had nearly taken me away for good. I hated my life & the struggles that I was putting on the most important relationships in my life. I didn't feel as if I deserved to live any longer because I was just a failure who was more of a burden on my loved ones than the person that they all knew & loved. How grateful I am today to be able to alive & thankful to those who stuck by me throughout my hardest days, despite not wanting to any longer. "An attitude of gratitude" is what I have found & never want to lose again. So, I have told you a bit about my path that has led me here & I am asking the same of you. Are you already in recovery or looking to try to get to that point? Are you on Suboxone or thinking about beginning it? Do you have a Provider to write you the prescription for this medication? Do you have insurance to help you pay for the costs that come with saving your life? These are all things that we can help you with if you just let us know what it is that YOU need... Like Dee mentioned above, I strongly encourage you to take a look see at the websites that you can find the links to directly under my name or under Dee's name. It will take you directly there, where you can find am abundance of information on the disease itself as well as ways to find a direction to help you get out & into active recovery rather than active addiction. Yet, this forum is wonderful place to come to "get it off of your chest" so to speak. This is where we can come & vent how we are getting along- FOR REAL! There is no need to hold anything back as we have all been in places that we regret due to our own "needs" for our drug of choice. We have all made bad decisions & believe you me, there is nothing that you can say that will deter us from wanting to help you get better, as long as YOU want it.

I really look forward to getting to know you better & if there is ANYTHING that we can help you through, please, please, please don't hesitate to ask. We want to know about you & your success story of recovery! (or how we can help you get there!) Like a Star @ heaven

Yours throughout this journey,
Beth I love you
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Welcome Nicklo to the Suboxone Forum
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