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 Beginning of a New Start

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PostSubject: Beginning of a New Start   Sat 03 Jan 2009, 6:22 pm

Hello to all,
A little about myself and why I am here.
3 years ago I came down with "Valley Fever". For those of you that never heard of this killer disease, it is a bacterial soil spore that lays underground in certain parts of the United staes and Mexico. When these spores get disturbed by being dug up thru construction or whatever, the spores get airborne and attacks the immune system. My body couldn't fight it.
I believe I caught it in Fresno Califorina where I was doing contract work for a couple of days. Felt like having the flu. Body aches, fever, feeling very weak. I let it go for a couple of weeks to let it run its course but by the third week I was coughing up blood, coughing, pounding headaches. I admitted myself to the emergency room and was in really bad shape than I had thought. My right lung was a total black mass, running a high fever of a 104 temperture and having violent shakes from being too cold.
I was in the hospital for 2 weeks being fed every antibiotics imaginable till they found the right one that finally worked. During my 2 weeks I was having extremely bad pounding headaches and became very, very physically drained. My body told me that I was about to die at one point and that really scared me.
I was prescribed IV Demorol, Morphine and Oxycontin to relieve me of the pain I was in. Finally after 2 weeks the antibiotics started to work. I was release from the hospial in my third week and was given a prescription for oxycontin 20 mg/1 per day for 30 days. Then it increased to 20 mg/ twice a day for 30 days. Finally to this day it is now 20 mg/ 4 times a day.
The problem now lies with the abuse of this drug. I started snorting to get a quick relief, but it also wore out quicker. Now its 6-8 mg per day and counting. The withdrawals are very severe. I abused drugs in my past but this withdrawal is 100 times worse than methamphetamine or cocaine.
This coming monday I am starting the Suboxone treatment. I do thank that their is a web site such as this. It's a cruel world out there and I do feel fortunate that I have the funds to start treatment.
I can only pray for those who need it and is having a very difficult time trying to get treatment due to financial issues. Life seems so unfair. It totally blew me away that all the doctors I talked to want upfront costs for the treatment even though I have pretty good insurance to cover this.
So thats my story and I will be updating my progress as much as possible and get to know some of you.
Take care...

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Start   Sat 03 Jan 2009, 7:54 pm

Hello Kordeskshe,
Hi. My name is Beth & I'm from Ohio. I've been on the Suboxone since May & it's been a "life changing miracle" for me. sunny I'm so happy to hear that you'll be starting it on Monday. What an excellent way to start out the new year!! As my oldest daughter now has me saying, "everything will be fine in 2009!" Rolling Eyes
Thank you so much for your amazing post!! Exclamation It's so nice to have new people come on & feel comfortable enough to share. It sounds like you really went through some rough times with that bacteria that you contracted. When were you in Fresno, CA? Do you live near there? I've spent time there in the past. I vividly remember the smell of onions.. How did the doctors finally figure out what you had & how it was spread, etc? I'm sure those were scary, as well as painful times. No It seems that most of us who are addicted to these type of drugs did legitimately need them at one point for pain & as you said, thus creating a whole other problem with the addiction.. Not a journey I'd ever want to go through again!! As I said, I am very happy for you & to hear that your soon going to be relieved of so much burden caused by this addiction. You'll be amazed by how much better your feeling, even by Monday evening. I'm very grateful that such a drug even exists!! I don't know how else I was going to be able to go off the OCs as everything else I was trying seemed to not be working. No But the Suboxone really has helped improve my entire life & I certainly wish the same for you!! Exclamation
Please be sure to post again & let us know how your appointment goes & how your feeling! Very Happy There are many incredible people here who are full of knowledge about addiction as well as recovery, who want to hear about how things are really going for you!! Please keep in touch!
Your Friend in Recovery,
Beth I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Start   Sat 03 Jan 2009, 9:03 pm

Hi Korbeshkie,
Now my post did a disappearing act on me, that makes me so mad because I was almost through with it. I hate starting over again. But if you have to you have to. Right?
I'm sure that your happy to be starting your suboxone on Monday. Has your doctor already started your taper or is he going to start you tomorrow? Just think, by this time Monday night, you will have a new life. Have you had a chance to go over to the Suboxone web site to read up on what to expect? I will give you the links so you will have them. Also I will give you the phone numbers so if you need to talk to anyone you will be able to. You are so right about the withdrawls, they can be hell, that is one of the reasons this medication is so great. It gets rid of withdrawls, and at the same time stops your cravings. If at anytime while your on Suboxone and you have withdrawls or cravings be sure to let your doctor know so that he/she can adjust your dose for you. I need to run over to the MAT site for a bit. But I will be back off and on throughout tonight if you need anything.

Suboxone Web Site:

MAT Web Site:

Phone Numbers to have:
Medical Assisted Treatment:
Home: 770-428-0871
Cell: 770-527-9119
If your low on money and cannot call please just send us an email and the time that you would like us to call and we will.

Reckitt Benkiser Nurse phone line. 9AM to 7PM Monday - Friday Closed on holidays.

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PostSubject: Re: Beginning of a New Start   

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Beginning of a New Start
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