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 Checking In Today

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PostSubject: Checking In Today   Thu 23 Jun 2011, 1:01 pm


Hey Dee,Beth and anyone out there.

I"ve been meaning to write but been busy.

The Counselor that my Dr. insisted that i see I cancelled. He wanted me to pay for it and then 130.00 every week for Counseling. He said he may suggest that I go to Out Patient. I've done all that several times. I want one on one and if there is a group with this Dr. I have no problem going. They told me they were going to let the Dr. know that I broke my appt. b/c of money. I'm hoping my Dr. is not going to be upset over this.

I do have a appt. with a Therapist for Saturday. He has actually emailed me several times. He told me he would help me with the Ins. that I could pay 50.00. I can come up with that every week if need be.

I'm thinking that I should be able to see who "I" choose to see.

I hate this feeling hanging over me that if I don't do everything the way my Suboxone Dr. wants me to do than he'll throw me out. I just think as long as I'm going to any Therapist and he is getting a report from him then surely that should be good enough.

Beth I've not seen anything from you lately. I hope you doing okay. When you get a quick minute please drop in just to let us know how you doing.

Dee,how you doing? What's the latest going on with you?

My daug. called last night and it looks like the end of July she will be back home for good. I will go the last week to help her finish up packing and mostly moral support. I'm thinking of taking my Grandson along with me. We will take Amtrak it's way cheaper and I thought ti would be fun for me and my grandson. My husband and son will fly in that weekend and then we will all drive back with the big truck and her vehicles.
This will be a big life changing situation for all of us but I want to see my daug. move on with her life.
She's also very supportive of me and my recovery and that is always helpful to have that.
She will be 40 this Dec. and she's been just "excepting" how things are. She has no children and nothing to really hold her back so this can be a great new start for her.

I didn't mean to make this such a long post.

I hope everyone are doing good and have peace in there lives.

Much Love...
Marie I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Checking In Today   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 3:23 pm

Hi Marie, Dee & all!!

Sorry I haven't been on here to post for a while. Things have been a bit hectic around here, but we are managing. I have news on all 3 of my kiddos. My oldest daughter, Nadine, came over last Friday & so far, she hasn't left yet!! cheers It has been wonderful to have her back here with us & she seems happier than ever! I don't really know what her long term plans are, but I am also not pressuring her for any answers. All she has really said is that "I am a teenager & sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side!" Amen to that one! I have been thrilled that she has been here as our family feels complete once again! Onto our middle daughter, Caroline, whose 5th b-day was on Wed. & we had planned on going to the zoo, but due to severe storms, we changed the plans & decided to head to Chick Filet to eat & let the kiddos play on the indoor jungle gym. We got there & they ate a little bit, but could barely even wait to begin to play, so we let them head on back to enjoy the fun part. They were literally in there for less than 5 minutes when my youngest son, Matty, who is 3 (gonna turn 4 in August) began screaming. He is a really tough kid who just had 8 stitches put into his chin last week & never cried throughout the entire ordeal, so I instantly knew that something was wrong... He was holding his arm & told me that a big kid jumped down on him. He sure did jump right onto him- square on the wrist & elbow. Before we could even let Caroline open her gifts, we were packing up & heading back up to the Children's Hospital where we found out that Matty now has a broken elbow. He is in a cast from his armpit to his fingertips for the next 6 weeks! Poor kid! Sad He really has been handling it all quite well though. He doesn't want to be left out from playing with his sister & the neighbor kids that come over every day! He sure is a tough little guy!! As for me, I am just trying to keep my wits about me & take care of everything that is going on around here. I have to start looking for another Provider asap as my newest dr. is now going through radiation treatment for his cancer until he is able to be operated on. I don't know if he will be coming back or not. For the time being, I am trying to take less than prescribed just to make them last longer until I know that I am going to have someone to prescribe to me this next month. I will be out by the 12th, so hopefully someone will have an opening & will be able to take my insurance to get me into their practice. Just relying on God at this point & HAVE to begin making calls to try to get an appt. asap! That was my plan for this week, but as you can see, it has been pure craziness around here as I forgot to tell you guys that on the way home from the hospital, I blew a tire in my van. Matt had to put the donut onto it & I spent yesterday at the tire shop replacing the 2 back bad tires! The week has flown by on me! I cannot even believe that it is already Friday! Shocked So, that is what has been going on around here & why I haven't been here posting on the forum.

Marie, I am so glad to hear that your daughter will be back with you soon! And hang in there with the counselor business- sometimes when YOU find a good one, your doctor will allow you to continue on with that person as long as you sign a release that they can be in communication with each other. I know that not all doctors will do it, but its worth the shot, right? In my past experience with so many providers, I have had it work out both ways. Some that made me stay & see one of their very own counselors, but others who have let me continue on with a very great counselor that I had at one point before she was promoted to a Director position & is no longer doing one on one counseling. Right now, I am also looking for a new counselor as well as the provider, like I mentioned.

Dee, I miss you my dear friend & will be in touch with you more very soon. I have to go play nurse at the moment! Thank you again for the beautiful tag!

Hope everyone is doing well & has a wonderful weekend!! Please keep in touch & I will be trying my hardest to do the very same! Like a Star @ heaven

Your friend,
Beth I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Checking In Today   Sun 26 Jun 2011, 3:38 pm

Hey Beth and Dee,

Wow,Beth,you really have your hands full. Talk about when it rains it pours. Bless your heart.
I'm so happy your daug. is still with you. Teenagers can be so difficult and to have other family members put themselves in the middle of it is not helping that child. As she gets older she will see more and more that it's not always greener on the other side. I hope things will continue to get better for both of you.
It took my daug. years and lots of bouncing back and forth to finally see the truth.

As for you lil one,what a lil trooper he is. At this point you probably scared to let any of them out your sight.

I want to let you both know....I got my money back from Humana yesterday. Smile
Funny thing is they wrote me a letter with the check. They said after I appealed it they agreed with me that I did in fact have the right to have my money reimbursed. I goes to show how had I not fought for it they would have just let it go. I'm sure many ppl don't appeal it they think they can't win. At one point I almost didn't go forward. (I was thankful,and still am very much) I felt as long as they would pay for my meds in the future than that was good. I just felt I couldn't let it slide. I had to at least try. I'm so thankful I did try.

I'm preparing for my daug. to come home. She is going to be here in about the middle of July. She is a great source of support for me and I'm looking forward to her coming home. I hope she will be able to find a job soon. Moving from 3 States away takes alot of work. It will work out.

Dee,I've not seen anything from you. I hope you are okay.

Beth,hang in there my friend.

Love, I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Checking In Today   Sun 26 Jun 2011, 8:01 pm

Happy Sunday!
It's good to see everyone checking in more often. I should be as well and I apologize that I haven't been keeping up again as I should. I did get some work done on the main Suboxone Assisted Treatment website but still have much to do. Sometimes I feel like there is so much more to do but I will get it done. It's important to me that I do this. I want people to be able to find the information they are looking for when they land on our site.

I still need some personal stories though, so if any of you would like to have your story added to the main site, let me know. My email address is located at the end of every one of my posts.

Beth, such great news! I am very happy for you. It seems like things are falling into place for you in regards to Nadine and I hope they continue. I hope she realizes just how much you do love her and only wants what's best for her and with every bit of good also comes some things we don't really like but deal with anyway. Dealing with and doing things we don't want to do makes us stronger. We all have some experience in those type of situations.

I am sorry to hear though about your provider. I am saddened to hear that Cancer is once again trying to grab a hold of someone even though I am not close to nor have I ever met your doctor, it still touches my heart. As you know, one of my sister in laws went through surgery for cancer this past January. She is now cancer free for these past few months but the toll it takes on the patient as well as the family members is one you don't soon forget.

Good luck in finding a new doctor. I know if anyone can, you can my friend. You certainly know which ones to stay away from. Use that experience when you start your search. You know the questions to ask.

Hi Marie, I am here.
I have been taking a little bit of extra time to work on the website. Deborah is still recovering from surgery and I need to make sure things are updated.
I must be getting older. I remember a time when I could work both forums and both websites without breaking stride. Times change and so have I I'm afraid.

I am excited to hear about your wonderful news though. Things are really moving in a great direction for you. Congratulations!!
I think your right about the appeal process. I've heard from many people that insurance companies will deny people just to make them give up. But you are entitled to that money as long as you are covered and should be compensated for what you paid.
Most times patients do give up because they don't know that if they just push it a little longer they will succeed.
I hope your experience will help others who find themselves in your past situation.

Wow! Mid July will be here before you know it. I'm happy for you and your daughter. In reading your post and Beth's about your daughters I had to think about my daughters as well. We are making progress. It will take time, I know. But the door is open and I am forever grateful.
One of my biggest dreams is to one day meet my grandchildren and be a part of their lives.

It's pretty quiet around my house today we've had a lot of bad weather but can finally see a couple of the suns rays. My son went up to visit with his uncle last night and today he came back and my other half took his place. I told them they could have both gone at the same time but they're afraid to leave me alone. I've been feeling pretty good lately and no problems. I've eliminated the drama from my life and so far it's been working like a charm.
It's time for my evening walk so I'll close this up for one day.
Take care and enjoy the evening. I am so very proud of the both of you.


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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PostSubject: Re: Checking In Today   

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Checking In Today
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