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 Todays Thought 7/3/2011; Quiet Time

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PostSubject: Todays Thought 7/3/2011; Quiet Time   Sun 03 Jul 2011, 12:42 pm

Today while checking my email I came across a Thought that talked about quiet time and your higher power.
When reading, I realized that I am one that has to have quiet time every day in order to organize my day, reflect on things that have to be done and just take time for myself.

I've noticed that on the days that I am unable to grab that bit of time, my day seems to be restless and my mood tends to be more on the snappy side to put it nicely.
I know it's hard for some of us to establish a time that we can take for ourselves. Some of us have small children that need our constant attention, husbands that can't find that pair of socks and need your attention immediately.
But it's important to try.

Having a few precious moments each day for yourself can make a big difference in how you feel the rest of the day.
One recovery center that I attended years ago had us take time each day. We all lived in a dorm room setting but it was easy then you would think with over 40 women around you.
We all had a closet next to our beds and our closets were determined to be our Prayer or meditation closets. When you were in your closet, no one could bother you. Guidelines were set and rules were followed.
That is something that you can try at home.
Often when you tell someone that you have to meditate or pray others are more likely to respect that than if you were to tell them you just needed to be alone.

Below is a copy of the thought that I received in my inbox.

“Many of us have found that setting aside quiet time for ourselves is helpful in making conscious contact with our Higher Power.”

Basic Text, p. 95


Most of us pay lip-service to the value of conscious contact with a Higher Power. Yet how many of us consistently take time to improve that conscious contact? If we’ve not already established a regular regimen of prayer and meditation, today is the day to start one.

A “quiet time” need not be long. Many of us find that twenty to thirty minutes is enough time to quiet ourselves, focus our attention with a spiritual reading, share our thoughts and concerns in prayer, and take a few moments to listen for an answer in meditation. Our “quiet time” need not be lengthy to be effective, provided it is consistent. Twenty minutes taken once a month to pray will probably do little but frustrate us with the poor quality of our conscious contact. Twenty minutes taken regularly each day, however, renews and reinforces an already lively contact with our Higher Power.

In the hustle and bustle of the recovering addict’s day, many of us end up going from morning to night without taking time out to improve our conscious contact with the God we’ve come to understand. However, if we set aside a particular time of the day, every day, as “quiet time,” we can be sure that our conscious contact will improve.


Just for today: I will set aside a few moments, once I finish reading today’s entry, to pray and meditate. This will be the beginning of a new pattern for my recovery.

The posting of any quotes/readings belonging to AA or NA does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the owners of this forum.


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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Todays Thought 7/3/2011; Quiet Time
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