Suboxone: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 New members! Welcome!!

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PostSubject: New members! Welcome!!   Fri 08 Jul 2011, 11:50 am

Hello and Welcome to the several new members who have joined us within this past month!!

Many welcomes to Mike S, Jeffw385, angela74, ridgeacur, stamey89, beautifulmess & faith1951!!

Hello to all of you & welcome to our forum "The Light at the End of the Tunnel" where you can find encouragement, support & HON-code certified information (100% factual info) regarding addiction, Suboxone & Methadone as well as the stories of other members who are on the journey of recovery also. We are very happy to have you all here with us as we know that this disease is NOT one that is meant to fight alone, but with the support & encouragement of others who have also gone through similar experiences & can share how they have made it to where they are today! We also encourage you to ask any questions that you may have or to answer any questions that you read & can relate to the same type of issues, letting others know how YOU have made it to where you are on your own journey to recovery.

I should introduce myself, sorry about that... My name is Beth & I am a recovering addict from opioid painkillers. I have 3 years in recovery from the painkillers due to the medication that I refer to as a "miracle medicine" called Suboxone. I have been on the Suboxone since May 5th, 2008 & I am still on it to this day. I truly believe that it has saved my life as I was in a very bad spot before beginning this treatment. My drug of choice ended up being Oxycontins after gradually working my way up from Vicodin & Percocet. My tolerance continued to get higher & higher to the point that I no longer got the euphoric feeling that I loved from taking these medications, but was so dependant upon them that I HAD to take them just to prevent me from being sick & just to feel "normal" every single day! I was in bad shape when I did not have any & could not function in my daily life without having these painkillers that I grew to love even after the physical pain had gone away. I had become addicted to the feeling of these medications & did not know how to live without them. I had tried to quit a million different times in a million different ways, but always to no avail until I began the Suboxone. After taking my very first tablet of the Suboxone, I instantly felt better within about a half of an hour. I was amazed!! Shocked Nothing that I had ever tried previously had helped me the way that this did & so very quickly. My sickness from being without the opiates had disappeared & although at the beginning, I did still have mental cravings, the physical cravings that had always pulled me back onto the opiates was nearly completely gone within the first day of beginning the Suboxone treatment. The Suboxone does help with the mental cravings as well, but it took me a little more time before those type of cravings left me. Upon that being said, I strongly encourage counseling along with the Suboxone to get the full benefit of this type of treatment. We once had a member who had a saying that "a problem talked about is a problem half solved" & she was right on the money with that statement. Exclamation Which brings me to my next question to each of you, what has brought you to become a member here? Are any of you on Suboxone or thinking of giving it a try? Are you going through an issue with your recovery that you need to discuss with others who may have gone through similar experiences? Do you have any questions regarding your medication choices for treatment or just any questions at all? We have a great Moderator here on the forum named Dee & I am sure that she will also be along to welcome all of you as well. Dee is a wealth of information on anything pertaining to the Suboxone, Methadone, addiction & the latest news regarding these issues as well as many of the laws that are in place for this type of treatment. This forum would not run without having Dee here to provide such services & anything that you may have a question about, if she does not know the answer (which is very rare) then she will take the time to help you look it up or to lead you to where you can obtain the information that you need. She also makes sure that all information that is provided is factual & keeps this forum HON-code certified so that you KNOW that you are getting the correct information for your situation. We do our best to answer any questions that you may have or to help you locate a Suboxone Provider in your area or try to help with anything that you may need. Please just say the word & you will get a response as soon as possible. We also have a very active member named Marie who is an absolute sweetheart & would help any of you out in any way that she possibly can. She is currently going through issues pertaining to finding a new Provider that hasn't been much help to her as well as fighting to remain in recovery through her insurance company denying payment for her prescriptions. She has had the weight of the world placed upon her shoulders by having to do essentially ALL of the leg work that the doctors office & their staff normally would (should) be doing. She WANTS to remain in recovery so badly that she is fighting her way through every step of this process to remain well & off of the opiates. She has pure dedication to her recovery & it shows through the true grit that she has endured to be where she is today. You can read through her posts & see the strength that she has by getting through this very frustrating situation despite all of the setbacks along the way. It is a very positive example for all of us to see how badly she wants her life back!! Just as we all do... No one can say that recovery is an easy road, but it is certainly worth it when compared to where we all were in our addictions. And that is another reason that this forum even exists- there are hard days along the way, days that you may feel like using is easier than continuing to fight for recovery, but here we are bonded together by the fact that our lives were spiraling out of control while we were using & we are here to remind each other of the benefits of "keep on keeping on!!" Every member who posts brings something new to the board & I continue to learn from others who are going through the very same things that I am & how they have learned to cope with these situations. I really encourage & welcome each of you to post about your own issues as it helps so much to even get it out as well as the fact that you will receive feedback from others who may just have the solution that you are searching for at this time. It is almost like a journal when you are able to write it all out & can go back to re-read how far you have really come throughout your own journey of recovery & it also has the benefit of having others who know what it feels like to be in this same situation & can offer up their own advice as to how they managed to get through such situations. It is also a great reminder that you are NEVER alone with this disease~ we have nearly 500 members on this forum alone that have felt the isolation & shame of going through addiction & how to get out of that feeling of quicksand pulling you under. So again, I welcome each of you to this wonderful forum & truly look forward to hearing from you & how you are doing... Like a Star @ heaven

Yours in Recovery,
Beth I love you
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PostSubject: Re: New members! Welcome!!   Thu 14 Jul 2011, 2:03 pm

Welcome to all our new members.

I'm sorry it's taken so long to welcome you.
There is not alot of activity going on at this time but I encourage anyone passing thru to stop and say HELLO. Let us know how you doing. If there is anything we might be able to help you with.
We have a WONDERFUL Mod.....Dee. She is full of acknowledge and a heart of gold.

If you considering recovery,give it a try. When we reach a point that the drug turns on us and it will in time, please know you not alone. You don't have to do this alone.

If you've been in recovery and looking to chat I know I speak for others please do so. Everyone of us have a story and we love hearing everyone's story. your story could be something that could help someone else.

I hope to meet some new ppl here soon.

Your Friend in Recovery,
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New members! Welcome!!
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