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 When you are constipated.......

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PostSubject: When you are constipated.......   Wed 20 Jul 2011, 8:10 pm

Constipation is killing me even at 3mg a day! But Ive learned a few tricks. First, there is something you can buy at Walgreens called Prunelax. Its natural, and it says to take 3 a day, but I take 3 with lots of water then 2 hours later take 2 more. Keep repeating that every day till you go. Or you can try senna tea. Many pharmacies and supermarkets now carry this. But the best thing that helped me was eating stewed prunes. I ate 9 one day and went like a train. next day nothing. At least its natural food. You want to eat mostly high fiber fods and also eat less so if you constipate, you dont get in so much pain with all of it backing up for 5 days or so. Last resort is castor oil. What I just gave you I should be paid for. I had it so bad I was so scared because i could feel the excretement with my finger tip and i had to spend man a day pulling it out with my fingers. Thats how dried out you become.

Oh also.......exercise. Movement moves your intestines around. I took a laxitive one day and couldnt go. Then I went to the gym and did 15 min of very light weight lifting with the lat machine and high rep bench presses and in 15 min I was running not walking to the toilet. Thats right, all the above will only work at half speed if you dont exercise all day. Im ashamed. I know all this and still dont do it every day. I should do it twice a day. If you can run, start running even for 2 or 3 minutes and then just walk for 10 min more. Youll be amazed. Stay close to the toilet! Make sure you have 2 quarts/8 glasses of water per day. I guarantee if this doesnt get you moving, nothing will. Let me know how it works out for all of you. I am a life coach and personal trainer, so if you need to talk on the phone maybe I can help you if correspond by this board for a while. I gotta go jog in a few minutes, myself. I cant give away every exercise to try here as you'll get overwhelmed but this should help 99% of you. You just might get addicted to the gym and make it a habit. Wouldn't that be awful. To be middle aged and still be hard as a rock. -)

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When you are constipated.......
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