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 Loving Another

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PostSubject: Loving Another   Wed 27 Jul 2011, 11:49 am

July 27
Loving Another

When I love someone or when someone loves me, we become a part of one another. To the extent to which that love carries commitment along with it, we are partners in each other's destiny. What we do affects the other, a piece of us lives in the heart and mind of that other person. What piece of me do I want to live on in the mind of another? When they turn inward to find me, who will they find? What will I have left behind me as a legacy of that relationship? I may have made mistakes or hurt someone without understanding what I was doing, but today I will be mindful; I'll keep myself honest and try not to harm. I cannot control how another person acts or feels, but I can be aware of what I put into a relationship.

I have conscious interactions.

Today's meditation came from IntheRooms.
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Loving Another
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