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 God in Nature

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PostSubject: God in Nature   Thu 28 Jul 2011, 7:18 am

July 28

God in Nature

Those who have been able to tune into and appreciate nature have had the ability to see God behind the illusion of reality. Though this world feels to me as if it is still and concrete, the truth is that it is always in motion. The world is in a constant state of birth and death, manifestation and destruction. Today as I walk through my day, I will look at the world through soft eyes, eyes that see not only at but through. As an exercise in raising my consciousness, I will remind myself throughout my day to tune into a world in motion. I will attempt to see the hand of creation behind all that surrounds me. When I look at the world, I will take a deep breath, quiet my mind and know that I am looking at the many manifestations of soul.

The world is God and soul made manifest.

Today's meditation came from IntheRooms.
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God in Nature
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