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 Hello, Beth

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PostSubject: Hello, Beth   Tue 06 Jan 2009, 9:46 pm

Are you online?
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, Beth   Tue 06 Jan 2009, 10:55 pm

Hi Deborah, flower
I am back now & yes, I guess that I remained online, although I'd gotten up from the computer for quite awhile. My babies make it impossible for me to ever be able to just sit down & write anything without needing to constantly get up & down throughout the entire post. I often think that my posts seem confusing as I am constantly losing & having to regain my train of thought.. They are beautiful, bright babies that just need, need, need constant attention. (as babies do!) I am a very blessed woman though & try to keep that in mind even when I am feeling soo overwhelmed that I can't seem to see straight. What a Face They are one & two years old, that is how they are supposed to act. If they weren't like this, I'd then be so much more worried!! Wink
Of course, I need to tend to them at the moment, but plan on returning later tonight (if I don't fall asleep while I'm getting the babies down) Sleep I want to make sure to get a post out to Ms. Barbara & let her know that she's in my prayers & that I will be thinking of her tomarrow while she's going through her surgery.. I'm sure that she's excited as well as nervous & needs all the encouragement & prayers we can possibly send her way!! I love you
Also, Deborah, I plan on properly responding to your post when I get some time to actually sit down & write, but I was wondering if you'd received my response yesterday as well? I hope that I did not offend you about telling Dean "way to go" for making sure that you had some "down time" to rest. I hope that my message came through clearly that I care about you & do not want you to be so overworked that it's affecting your health negatively! If it came across any other way than that, then I just wanted to clarify what I was trying to say. Idea
I really need to close this up right now, but hope to talk with you soon!

Love Your Friend,
Beth I love you
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Hello, Beth
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