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 hello everyone i am new here obviously

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PostSubject: hello everyone i am new here obviously   Sun 11 Sep 2011, 12:04 pm

Hi i am new here just wanted to say hi and glad i found this forum
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PostSubject: Re: hello everyone i am new here obviously   Sun 11 Sep 2011, 12:09 pm

Hello and welcome, I am fairly new here as well. There is a lot of good info around here that I found helpful. Hopefully you will find the same.
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PostSubject: Re: hello everyone i am new here obviously   Sun 11 Sep 2011, 12:11 pm

Thank you have have been reading the forum quite a bit before i registered
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PostSubject: Re: hello everyone i am new here obviously   Sun 11 Sep 2011, 12:24 pm

Hi there,
It is good to have you with us. I am sorry that I haven't properly welcomed you to the forum I really am. Usually I am on the ball with the welcomes but it seems I have fallen behind in everything.
How long have you been a Suboxone patient?
I read in another post that you are having some not so great feelings with your recovery. I will head over to the section and respond to that post as soon as I am finished here.
As I tell all of our posters, I do hope you will continue to post and let us get to know you better along with sharing your experiences with Suboxone. Anytime that you have any questions please ask.
Someone here will try to answer you as soon as they can. We don't know all of the answer's no one does, but we will try and help. That is what we are here for.
My name is Dee and I am the moderator of the forum-aka/nannamom
Beth will soon be here to introduce herself as well, I'm sure.
Again, I am sorry that I wasn't around sooner.


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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PostSubject: Re: hello everyone i am new here obviously   Wed 14 Sep 2011, 12:16 pm

Hello to you & welcome to the forum!! cheers

My name is Beth & I am so glad that you have decided to join us within this forum!! Normally, I would like to put your name on the top to welcome you, but I refuse to call you "Whitetrash" as I believe that you are worth much, much more than that! Like a Star @ heaven As Dee has mentioned, we are very happy that you are here with us & are posting about your own issues. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the chance to read that post, but will most certainly be going there next to reply the very best way that I know how to do so. Are you on Suboxone or thinking of starting it soon? I have been on it for 3 1/2 years now & I honestly believe that it has helped to save my life, as I was unable to quit using my narcotic painkillers on my own, despite how hard I tried. I could never make it completely through it. I had tried to quit a million times & in a million different ways, but always to stumble back to using again. At the end of my using, I was at the point in my addiction that I could no longer afford the pills that I was taking & my tolerance was only growing, so my next option would have been to go onto heroin due to it being cheaper or to go into recovery. I was lucky enough to be too scared to try the heroin, therefore that left me with the only other option that I knew of, which was recovery. I checked myself into a detox unit for about a week & while I was there, I learned of this miracle medication called Suboxone. Yet, when I left the detox unit without having anymore of this medication, I almost immediately stumbled back into the life that I was living before I ever even went into there. I realized that if I really wanted to have a chance at recovering, then I was going to need a maintenance medication to help me through those awful withdrawals & the cravings that accompany them. I then started looking into these types of medications. I found that it was much easier to locate Methadone than it was to try to find a provider for Suboxone. I began reading about the methadone as well as speaking to my pharmacist that I have had a very close relationship with, as he was with me when I was in trouble with the painkillers & was quite the advocate for me to get into recovery ASAP! He told me that while Methadone has saved millions of lives that it still had potential for abuse & that it actually would be like taking a step up from the pills that I was using & could make my addiction even worse. His very best advice was to hunt down a Suboxone provider as well as he would begin to help me by checking out the doctors names of other patients that were on the Suboxone & save them for me with their phone numbers to try to locate a Sub provider that might have room for me. (as the providers are only allowed to treat 100 patients at a time & many of them were at their limit) I was very lucky to have gone to him for the best advice that I had gotten thus far. He also got me rolling as to looking on the Internet for a provider & that is where I located the provider that induced me onto the Suboxone. As I was waiting for my appointment, I was so scared & didn't really "want" to have to quit using, but I knew that I had no choice. I didn't want to end up dead in a ditch or dumpster somewhere BC I didn't have the desire to try recovery. I even contemplated suicide at that point. But then I began the Suboxone & my life changed in ways that it never had & very quickly. If you are on the Suboxone, then you already know that you have to go into your induction in moderate to severe withdrawal & then they give you a partial part of the Suboxone to see how your body reacts to it- just from that very small dosage, I almost immediately felt better than when I had come in. Then, once they saw that I was doing okay with it, they gave me the rest of the tablet. I left there feeling very tired as I had been up the entire night before with having the withdrawals, so I went home & went to sleep. The next day I had to go back to see how it had worked for me & it had worked wonders! They gave me another tablet, I went through some counseling & it was actually bearable since I was feeling so much better & then they gave me my script for a week at a time until they knew that I was not abusing it or selling it, then I started getting my script for a month at time. Their one requirement was that I get counseling if I wanted to have my script refilled. I truly believe that counseling should be a requirement for this type of treatment BC they teach you other ways to deal with your addiction as well as tools for when those cravings hit you & how to overcome them. It has done wonders for my life, this medication as well as the counseling & I haven't gone back to using opiates since then. 3 1/2 years now! Very Happy

Now, that I have pretty much told you MY story of how I have been through the addiction & gone into recovery, I ask the very same of you, if you are comfortable enough to want to share it with us. I will let you know that we get all types of people that come to this forum & all we want to do is HELP!! We want to encourage people that there really IS life after addiction & we will NEVER permit others to ridicule another person for their opinions or actions that they have done while using. We ALL have regrets & things that we wish that we could take back, but that is one thing in recovery that you have to learn to let go of in order to move on from today & keep going in the new direction that you are living. Trust me, that has been a hard one for me- letting go of all of that guilt. But it cannot be taken back & all we can do now is try to repair the damages that we have done. If you remain thinking about the past, then you cannot focus on how to improve your future. Does that make sense in how I worded it? I don't care what you have done while you were under the influence of your drug of choice, but I care very much about how you are getting through today!! Especially if you are having a bad day, then by all means, you can come here to vent it all out & sometimes just by writing it out, the resolution will come to you, but if not, then you have a group of NON-judgmental people that are here to listen & give you the very best advice that they can. Sometimes others have been through that same situation themselves & can tell you how they managed to make it through that same situation. You never again have to feel alone with this disease! We will answer all of the questions that you have & if if we do not know the answer, then we will find information from other sources to be able to get you through whatever it is that you may be experiencing. We are honest AND honestly here for each other & as long as you are letting us know what you may be needing at that moment, you will NOT be left in the dark by yourself!

Again, I really am so happy that you have decided to join us & want to get to know you much, much better, so I please ask of you to keep posting to let us know who you truly are- not who you were while you were in your active addiction. The real person that is in there when you take the drugs out of the picture! Also, if you don't mind, are you willing to share your real first name with us or any name that you prefer, but I don't believe that anyone here will address you as the screen name that you have chosen. As I have previously said, no one here will put others down nor judge you or they will be banned from this forum. We are about love & bonding, encouragement & for obtaining information that you may need. You are NOT whitetrash to us!! I love you We already know that a good person is hiding behind that name & the fact that you are seeking info from others about recovery is already proof in the pudding!! Wink I really look forward to hearing back from you!

Yours in recovery,
Beth I love you
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PostSubject: Re: hello everyone i am new here obviously   

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hello everyone i am new here obviously
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