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 Soul as Life

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PostSubject: Soul as Life   Thu 15 Sep 2011, 10:50 am

September 15

Soul as Life

Soul is life, it is the energy that vivifies and animates. It is where all of me begins. When I take time in the quiet of my day to experience soul, I return to my own origins; I go within for nourishment and self-care. When I am stressed out or confused, it may just be that I am not structuring enough quiet time in my life, enough time to be refurbished through the silence of soul. Soul reveals itself to me in stillness. If I wish to know my own soul, I need to give myself daily quiet time, to contemplate, relax and just be. Without this quiet time, soul has no opportunity to emerge into my day. It is constantly kept beneath the surface, thwarted in its expression and expansion by business and preoccupation. Soul's expression comes when I sense its presence, when I am still enough to allow it to come forth. Soul is ever present in all things. Today I will remember to remember this truth.
Soul gives me movement and life.

For the soul is the beginning of all things. It is the soul that lends all things movement.

This meditation has come from IntheRooms.

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Soul as Life
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