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 Many Welcomes to our 3 newest members!!

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PostSubject: Many Welcomes to our 3 newest members!!   Tue 27 Sep 2011, 11:48 am

Hello and welcome to Grateful42, ErnestTodd1 & Trickenheimer!!

Hello to each of you & welcome to the forum!! My name is Beth & I have seen that we have had some new members join us lately, but have not yet taken the time out to welcome each of you properly!! How are each of you doing? My day has started out hectic, but that is only because I have 3 children that need tending to before getting the oldest 2 off to school, but it has been a GREAT day so far & that is how I plan on keeping it!! Very Happy I always seem to bombard the new members with so many questions about where you are in your recovery or if you have even started your own recovery yet, so I will try not to do that so much throughout this post, but I do have to be upfront & say that I often get to writing & the words just keep on flowing out, so I do apologize if any of you feel as if you are being interrogated by me. I just really like to try to get to know the new members better & cannot seem to do that without asking what brought you to decide to become a member here on this forum. I can tell you about the forum itself though & then we can go from there. This is a safe haven for opiate addicts who are desiring recovery for their disease of addiction. We "specialize" in the maintenance medication called Suboxone as you can all probably tell from the name of the forum, but also just in recovery itself, whether you are on the Suboxone or not, or are on Methadone or are looking to get onto these medications to get you off of your drug of choice. My own personal opinion is that Suboxone is the way to go & I do have to tell you that because I truly believe that it helped to save my life when I was at my worst point of using. My drug of choice was the painkillers & despite trying to stop using them countless times in the past, I could never stay off of them completely until I got introduced to the Suboxone. I have now been in recovery for 3 1/2 years & never plan on looking back! This forum has helped me so much throughout these years because I had a place to turn to that had other people just like me on it that were going through similar situations themselves & could help to guide me when I felt lost within my journey towards recovering as well as offering encouragement, love & acceptance of who I was, even at the worst times of my using days to where I am now. No one here will EVER judge you, nor ridicule you about the awful things that most of us have had to go through while we were "out there" using or anything that you may have issues with or need questions answered about. We have ALL been there, obviously some worse than others, but we all have the compassion & understanding that if we had not gotten "that bad" yet, we were well on our ways to becoming worse off to where we were heading if we didn't get into our recoveries NOW! I could tell you my entire story & you could all think "Oh my gosh- I was never that bad!" Or it could be vice versa, so that is why we DO NOT permit anyone to judge each other on here or speak harshly to one another or anything along these lines. Recovery is hard enough in itself & we all need ALL of the encouragement that we can get from each other. We have others in our own lives that can make all the bad judgments of who we are or what we have done, but that is NOT going to be what you find here!! You will only receive acceptance of who you are & optimism of how to handle those situations that we have to deal with in our own personal relationships that often need mending after going into recovery. We are here to offer guidance of how we have gone about it or to listen to how YOU have made it through those trying times. We are here to listen & to answer any questions that you may have regarding the journies of our own recoveries or about the medications themselves or anything that you may need to "bring to the table!" So on that note, I will ask each of you to please read the other posts on here & make yourself comfortable with this forum & to PLEASE open up to us & post about what is going on in your own lives. We obviously cannot help if we do not know what is going on with you & your own situation. We are only here to help & we have all walked through the shoes of this awful disease & are working our tails off to get to where we want to be in our new found lives. So, I will not ask any more questions, but will leave it up to each of you to decide if you feel like opening up to us & letting us into your own personal hell to give you a helping hand out of it all!! Or maybe you are further along than many of us & can offer a better solution than what we have & will share your own helping hand of getting others out of their own situations. I cannot wait to get to know each of you better & look forward to the day that you do decide to post to us about yourself & your own journey!! In the meantime though, I sincerely hope that each of you have a super day & keep on keeping on with your own determination of being well once again!!


Your friend in recovery,
Beth I love you
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Many Welcomes to our 3 newest members!!
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