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 Nothing happens unless first a dream...

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PostSubject: Nothing happens unless first a dream...   Fri 16 Dec 2011, 10:49 am

Nothing happens unless first a dream.
--Carl Sandburg

What do we see when we daydream about the future? Is everything much better than it is now, or are we still struggling with the same issues? Are we dreaming about what we really want or about what we think we want? Do we see the whole picture or just a piece of it? Do our daydreams match our goals?

Actions we take today affect how we live tomorrow. If we know what we want -- if we listen to our heart's desire, write down our goals, and keep them in mind with every action we take --we create our dreams. We turn our wishes into goals and our goals into reality.

Today I will visualize the life I want.

This excerpt has been taken by the author Karen Casanova.
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Nothing happens unless first a dream...
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