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 Subutex On Day 4

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PostSubject: Subutex On Day 4   Thu 08 Jan 2009, 1:49 pm

Hello to all....
I've been on Subutex 8mg/x2 per day since this past Monday. So far the only side effects has been a slight headache and that happens as soon as I take the meds.
It does go away within the hour. My wife is having these same exact symptoms.
I'm also on Klonopin 1mg. but it makes me very tired so yesterday I broke it in half but it still made me very tired. (Good thing I'm off for the week)
As far as the cravings go, it is getting much, much better as each day go by. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worse) I feel like a 6-7 compared to day 1, I felt I was at 8-10.
I forgot to mention the doctor also prescribed Clonidine .1mg for bedtime. I've been on Ambien for years but the Clonidine seems to work better for me.
I do feel like my life is geting back to normal and I do want to keep active than just laying around.
I'm going over to my mothers house to cut her lawn and trim the shrubbery. A great physical test for me. Life moves on and I must say that I've been very positive about my surroundings.

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PostSubject: Re: Subutex On Day 4   Thu 08 Jan 2009, 7:14 pm

Hello Korbeshkie!!
I'm so very glad that your starting to feel better & better! cheers Isn't the Suboxone just an absolute miracle drug?? I have to tell you that even though I've been on the Subs since May, my life is still continuing to get better & better everyday! Very Happy I'm even starting to feel like I'm regaining some of that broken trust with the people closest to me, who I'd hurt the worst throughout my using. It's really a miracle for me to even say that, much less, be a present day reality. It continues to fuel my hope & gives me the desire to make these changes possible. I wish these same aspirations of you & your wife to also have this regained happiness & freedom. I love you I believe that by staying on the Subs, it will be accomplished, and sooner, rather than later.. Wink My best to you & your wife, Kordeshkie!
Yours in Recovery,
Beth I love you
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Subutex On Day 4
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