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 Just checked

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PostSubject: Just checked   Tue 16 Apr 2013, 11:10 pm

I ask that all of you please check for the generic price of the Suboxone tablets that was just released. In my area, they have dropped to 4 bucks a pill. I don't know if the price has just dropped or if its been this way for a couple of days, but when I checked it for Walgreens in four different cities they are 121.00 for 30 8mg pills. I made sure that I didn't have the 2mg checked, and I didn't. I cried when I seen that the price had came down so much. If this price keeps dropping like this gals, we will so much more able to afford our life saving medicine and so will people on down the line from us.
I asked my doctor today if there was anything that he could do because the generic price was upsetting, and he said give it a month or two it will drop more because the companies making it will be fighting over it like WW3. Well for some odd reason when I came home, I decided to check the price because you never can tell when prices will drop for a newly released generic.
I checked the price of the film and its still the same price which in my area averages from 8-9 bucks a piece. Then I checked the price of the tablets, and my jaw dropped to the floor. I suggest and hope that you guys will all go and check this site for the price of the generic Suboxone tablets in your area. If you find that they are close to what I have found or just for kicks, post the price. I would really love to know if they are cheaper in your area or close to what I am finding for mine.
I so hope that they are the same price for you guys or cheaper for that matter, the more affordable that this medication becomes the more people will go into treatment. If the price dropped down like the price of pain pills which was 15.00 when Mom got hers filled this month, can you imagine how many people would finally give it up (hopefully) and go to treatment? It would also make things MUCH more affordable for us as well.
I only take about 30 a month anyways, so im looking at the 121 a month for medicine prices.
You can search for a specific number or in values that it has listed. The prices are pretty dang close to the prices that I have actually been quoted over the phone as well. It might be off a couple dollars altogether, or in the case of the films maybe 50 cents at the most per strip.
ALso, my doctor told me this month that I needed to start tapering from two to 1 1/2, im already on one a day. I wish that the price of the medicine had been this all along, I could have been working on a stockpile in the case that I couldn't make doc visits anymore.
I would love to get a stockpile of enough to last me for awhile and stop going to the doctor and save that three hundred a month. I don't think that I will be doing that anytime soon, stop going to Doc Tran that is BUT if in the future that situation ever happens to come up and I have some stockpiled up it will be ncie to know that I wont have to worry about withdrawals and I can taper off like I am planning to do.
So I am crossing fingers for you guys, hoping that your medicine prices are low like mine is, it is amazing to get good news with all the stress that is going on around here.
Not husband problems, nephew across the street is giving us a headache and a half with Mom out of town. He thinks that he can get by with anything that he wants because she is out of town and that is another story for another day LOL.
Loves and Hugs from the country girl in KY,
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PostSubject: Re: Just checked   Thu 18 Apr 2013, 12:44 pm

I did some checking using the same site as you did.
The price varies in my city from pharmacy to pharmacy.

Generic Tablets, price @ Walgreens= 121.68 Same pharmacy for the name brand filmstrips = 235.00

@ Wam-Mart= 201.70 Filmstrips= 228.02

@ CVS= 226.45 Filmstrips= 235.38

@Price Chopper= 240.73 Filmstrips= 233.24

It seems the local non national pharmacies are running a bit higher in their prices for instance one for the generic price of the same amount of tablets was at 256.21 but the filmstrips were 234.00 Lower than the generic price.

here we don't have the option of going to whichever pharmacy is cheaper each month. Once we chose a pharmacy we are required to stay at that pharmacy. Maybe switch once but that's it. Pick on and stay with it.

Have you tried the generic yet? If not, when you do will you post your experience with them please?
I'm anxious to see how they work when compared to the name brand. Some people aren't able to take them because of nausea or severe headaches. But the same goes for people who are having to switch over to the strips.

I haven't switched to the generic yet. I am not sure if I will. Since switching to the films a few months back I haven't had any problems and like the fact that they dissolve a lot faster for me.
I do have insurance though and I know it is hard for people who don't. Hopefully prices will continue to come down so that people can afford them and won't have to choose between paying an electric bill or buying their medication.
Hope your day is going good for you.
It is good to hear from you again,


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PostSubject: Re: Just checked   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 7:30 am

Hello April and Dee.
I checked in my area and found the new generic to be cheaper than the brand.
It was $121.68 for 30 8mg sublingual. And the Suboxone Brand was $317.79
So in my area that is a big difference.
But as of now, my insurance covers the name brand. That is until 3 months from now. When I get cut off of my insurance I will be paying cash and I will definitely be going to the generic lol.

Much love to you ladies.

I love you Jazz
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PostSubject: Re: Just checked   

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Just checked
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