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 Checking in

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PostSubject: Checking in   Sun 05 May 2013, 12:20 pm

Still pouring the rain ladies. Our ceiling has a small leak and we have tried to get it fixed but for some reason we cant find the exact leak spot. Anyways, I forgot to tell yall we have kittens in the house. We have three beautiful little babies in the house and if that aint a job, hun I don't know what is. Where we have dogs as well, I have to keep them separated. Two of my dogs wouldn't bother them, but the Momma dog doesn't like little furry things. She thinks that they are toys and yall know how a big dog can tear up a toy. So I keep them separated.
Once my husband goes back to getting full checks, (He has been really sick with bronchitis) things will get better. This has been a terribly boring weekend. I cant stress that enough. We have stopped playing World of Warcraft so much, and now we are bored stupid. We are trying to find us another game to play, that is really all that we do. We aren't outdoor people, never been the type to party and run the roads. Ive never been drunk in my life, he doesn't drink either. We fit together really well.
I just wish that it would stop raining, atleast we could take the dogs outside and let them run off some of their energy. When it rains like this, our yard turns into a swamp. He has gout flared up in his foot where it rained. I used to get like that real bad with my wrists. I have a slight case of carpel tunnel, and I used to have a lot of problems with it but anymore it seems like it doesn't bother me as much. I did get us a couple of movies to watch, The Guilt Trip and Hope Springs. The Guilt Trip is good but predictable. its a shame that you cant find a good unpredictable movie these days.
Allen my husband can guess what is going to happen on a movie right when it starts. I tell him to keep it to himself because 90 percent of the time he is right. I am doing good however on dosage. I have been hanging right around 8mg, I did climb up to 14mg there at one point but I have brought it back down.
I do have a problem here lately however. I have been very nauseated when I first wake up, yesterday it lasted on and off all day. As long as I didn't eat anything, I was ok. The minute that I went to eat something, I got that nasty feeling. I don't want anyone jumping to conclusions just yet because we aren't using that word until we know for definite. I have been unlucky for four years, and I highly doubt that I am. My doctor made a comment to my husband in the office the other day and Allen said that it might have been a omen or something. He asked my husband when he was expecting because he knew that Allen was nervous and if he can make him laugh, that calms him down some. So maybe......If I am, yall will hear me scream wherever you live.
However, on a different note things are going well this weekend. We kept our distance from across the road so it would be as stress free as possible. Mom did stop by last night to check on Allen because he has gout and is still getting over bronchitis.
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Checking in
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