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 Rescue Dose

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PostSubject: Rescue Dose   Tue 01 Oct 2013, 9:20 am

Hi again. When I first posted I discussed how I had been tapering down for a few months and was doing well. I had finally made the jump and was Sub-free from 2:00 am 9/20 until midnight last night: I was pretty excited to be able to report to my doctor that I had been doing so well, I didn't even need a rescue dose. That was yesterday at 5:00. But then last night,  I had the worst case of the creepy leg syndrome thing I have ever had and, feeling like a loser, I had to take a rescue dose. I feel awful that I have to start over again. Does anyone have any relief tips for that ? It's almost like ataxia but you deliberately stretch because it feels likek that is what you are supposed to do but it doesn't help. Any ideas/
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PostSubject: Re: Rescue Dose   Wed 02 Oct 2013, 10:13 pm

HI IrishMist,
11 days since your last dose before that. Is that the only symptom that you were experiencing? Not to make light of Restless legs, I know how it feels. We all do and it feels like nothing you do can take it away.
In the past when I've had them I've been able to get relief from getting into a hot bathtub for a little while. It helps some.
Don't beat yourself up though. I know, easier said than done. But I think you have done great and if you had to take a rescue dose then that is what you had to do. It takes time for your body to adjust. How much time? I don't know. But instead of looking at it like you failed, look at it this way. You went 11 days without anything at all and instead of reaching for as much as you could, you probably took as little as possible.

Are you still taking the Withdrawal Ease? How is your sleep otherwise?
Hoping your feel better,


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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PostSubject: Re: Rescue Dose   Fri 04 Oct 2013, 11:39 am


I appreciate your taking the time to research the Withdrawal Ease and to check in with me. I am doing really well. I have had no symptoms since taking the rescue dose on Monday. Today, Friday, I feel like certainly it must be out of my system by now. I took a tiny sliver on Monday so if it has a half life I doubt there is any left. I am feeling a little depression, but that may have nothing to do with withdrawal since I have been treated for that for many years anyway. It just seems a little more acute but the Wellbutrin is really helping with that.

My doctor told me that I was no longer physically addicted, but that I was psychologically addicted. I am not sure what that means, but I think it may mean that I am talking myself into believing I will go through some horrible withdrawal symptoms and am waiting for that to occur but it never will because I am not actually physically addicted. I am going to try to work on that.

This may sound crazy, but I feel a strong connection with my spirit guides, most of whom are animal spirits. When I started this whole journey to get off the Suboxone I had a reading and learned the hawk was my guide through this. The hawk represents focus. Yesterday, I saw a Cooper's Hawk flying above me. This is odd for two reasons: Cooper's Hawks are almost never out after about 9:00 am since they hunt at dawn and dusk, and this was about 11:00 am; also they are quite rare in my area, I have only seen them a few times in the 30+ years I have lived here. I believe it was a sign that I have support and I am not alone in this. I guess whatever gets you through the night, huh?

Thanks for checking in with me and I will keep you posted as to my progress.Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: Rescue Dose   Sun 03 Nov 2013, 6:52 pm

Hello Irishmist,

I am wondering how your doing now.
I read your posts and agree with Dee, don't beat yourself up about that "rescue dose". It helped you and that's all that mattered.
I also believe in the spirit guides, and animal spirits. Te hawk you saw meant just what you thought it did, it was there to help you focus and guide you.
I hope your doing well today.

I wish I was able to see this earlier, I've been without a computer for a bit, so I apologize.

Be well.


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PostSubject: Re: Rescue Dose   

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Rescue Dose
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