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 Today's Thought Making mountains out of molehills

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PostSubject: Today's Thought Making mountains out of molehills   Mon 20 Jan 2014, 5:09 pm

“When we stop living in the here and now, our problems become magnified unreasonably.”

Some of us seem to make mountains out of molehills with our problems.  Even those of us who’ve found some measure of serenity have probably blown a problem far out of proportion at some time in our recovery—and if we haven’t done so yet, we probably will before long!

When we find ourselves obsessed with a complication in our lives, we will do well to sharply remind ourselves of all that is going right.  Perhaps we’re afraid we won’t be able to pay our bills for the month.  Instead of sitting at the calculator, adding our financial liabilities over and over, we can take stock of our efforts to reduce expenses.  Following this mini-inventory, we continue with the task at hand and remind ourselves that as long as we are doing the footwork, a loving Higher Power will care for our lives.

Mountain-sized problems happen sometimes, but we don’t need to create them.  Trust in a loving God of our understanding will put most of our problems in their proper perspective.  We no longer need to create chaos to feel excited about our lives.  Our recovery gives us countless real-life opportunities for excitement and drama.

Just for today:  I will take a realistic look at my problems and see that most of them are minor.  I will leave them that way and enjoy my recovery.


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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Today's Thought Making mountains out of molehills
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