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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcoming crys0219

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PostSubject: Welcoming crys0219   Thu 29 Jan 2009, 2:36 am

Welcome to the family!
My name is Dee and I am one of the moderators, we have another moderator Barbara Rue and I'm sure that she will welcome you once she see you are here.
Please take the time to look around and read the posts of the other members. And if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. It is our pleasure to be able to help those in need.

When your comfortable, please let us know a little bit about yourself.
As I said, my name is Dee, and I have been in recovery for going on 7years now. The first four years I was on Methadone and the last 2 1/2 I have been on Suboxone.
I used to pray for the day that I would be able to wake up without any cravings or without being so sick I couldn't stand myself.
now today, I have that. I am so grateful to these two medications. They have honestly saved my life. Without them, I know that I wouldn't be sitting right here now typing to you.

I'm sure that the other members will be along in the morning to welcome you. So until then, pull up a chair grab a cup of coffee and relax. Your home now.
Yours In Recovery,
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Barbara Rue


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PostSubject: Re: Welcoming crys0219   Thu 29 Jan 2009, 10:09 am

Welcome crys0219.

This is Barbara Rue and delighted you are here. Let us know how you are and if we can help in any way. I'm on Suboxone and have successfully tapered from 24 mgs. to 4 mgs. I'm able to live a normal life like I never have before. I'm in hopes you will reply back to us and share were you are with your addiction. If we can help, we surely will. There are several members here who are wonderfull with their support and will share with you as well.

Yours in the struggle,
Barbara Rue
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Welcoming crys0219
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