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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 New topic Section

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PostSubject: New topic Section   Tue 03 Feb 2009, 9:30 pm

Hello everyone,
I am so excited!
Deborah has made us a new section to the forum. If you will look at the main contents page and scroll down, you will see the new topics.

The first one is;
None drug related.
That is where we can go to talk about everyday stuff that doesn't have anything to do with Suboxone or Methadone.

The second one is;
Question of The Day.

Thanks you so much Deborah for all that you do. Your the best.
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PostSubject: New Topic Section   Wed 04 Feb 2009, 4:26 pm

Thanks, Dee for announcing our new section. I have included some new rules for all of us to try and abide by. I am asking all of you to please read them and I'm more concerned about the titles of your post. Think about what you are going to ask or what problem you are going to share with us and name the title as closely as you can to what you are going to talk about. We have guests visiting us all the time and it is important.
Please post your questions/problems under the appropriate section. It will be easier for all of us to locate what we are looking for. If you have started on Suboxone and it has changed your life then we would like to ask you to please post your story in the appropriate section. You can't believe just how much it will inspire others to keep on trying. It gives others hope to continue on from one day to the next.
I have included a new section as Dee has announced. You can discuss any subject within reason other than Suboxone, Methadone or Addiction. If you are just checking in to talk to others and see how they are doing then please use this section. Let's keep the Suboxone section for questions/problems related only to Suboxone. I have no problems if you want to discuss addiction in this section but label your tiltles/topics appropriately.
We do have a few methadone patients as members and I ask you to please feel free to ask any questions and share any problems. We have Moderators available to assist you. I hope to soon be able to open one for you but both methadone and suboxone is included under Medication Assisted Treatment. This is what we are all about. We believe "Addiction" is a Disease. We believe through the use of medication you can learn to cope with the disease just as a Diabetic copes with an insulin deficiency. If you believe otherwise then you might look for another place that agrees with what your beliefs are.
I want to thank you Sammy for helping us answer questions about Methadone. I want to thank Barbara and Dee for all their work. I can say one thing about us - we may not be perfect but we all have been through what you are going through and we really do care about you. I have met other members since we opened that I believe is just as sincere as we are and would go the extra mile for you.
I don't want to make this forum about religion or who your higher power is but I am sure most of us believe in some form of higher power. If you don't believe then it is your right. I know I do believe in God and I am thinking about opening a section so if you have a request and would like for us to mention you in our prayers, then you can list it and those of us who do believe will include you when we talk to our higher power. If anyone has any objections to this then please PM me about it.
I know times are hard for all of us now financially. We receive many calls each day asking for financial assistance. I wish I could help all of them but I can't. It is taking all we can do to keep the websites going and provide a 24-hour line for you to call us. It's not easy finding devoted people to work with us and I really only want people who know what it is like to be in our place. Now, it's not as easy obtaining Grant money to pay them and most of them work jobs on the side. I wish it was possible to pay them to work full-time and hopefully, soon it will be. I am going to believe it will happen sooner than later.
If you could all help out when Barbara and Dee is not available it would be much appreciated. They both have outside obligations as many of you do. We try and take time to spend with all of you to answer your questions and encourage and support you in your quest to stay clean. We want to know if you are having problems because we do care about each of you. We want you to stay in treatment and I believe if we all work together we can make the impossible happen. It is why I really want only serious and sincere people who truly want to maintain their sobriety and need the support and encouragement of others. I want people who can work together as a unit to provide help for any member of our Forum if they are in trouble and need our assistance. How about it ...does this description fit you?
If it doesn't and you never plan to post or get involved in this forum then maybe you need to find another one that meets your needs. Some of you have joined and never once posted and I can understand if you work full-time and you just don't have the time but you need to check in with us and let us know you want to remain a member. I've joined many forums and never posted when I worked full time but I liked keeping up with what was going on and I did learn new things by reading the posts of others. If this is you then we need to hear from you. You can send me a PM to let me know you want to remain a member.
I want members here that need this and sincerely care about their recovery. It is like group therapy and if you use this forum you can learn alot about yourself. It is a place you can come and feel secure and know people will give you encouragement and not criticise you. I am asking all of you to try and make time at least once a week to contribute to the forum. Take the time just to introduce yourself because you will be accepted here and loved. We don't have to know all about you but share what you feel comfortable with. I am telling you the more you open up to others and talk about your problems they will become small and you will gain more courage and self-confidence. It is much easier to deal with a bad situation when you know you have friends here that truly care about you and will take the time to listen and send you off with encouraging words and prayers to face the next day.
I love all of you and I'm fighting my own personal battle now. Keep me in your prayers and thank God for each of you.
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New topic Section
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