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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Suboxone Assistance

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PostSubject: Suboxone Assistance   Thu 20 Nov 2008, 12:35 am


To: All Members

From: Deborah Shrira, Administrator

Subject: Suboxone Assistance
If you click on Suboxone Assistance, you will find the requirements for securing financial assistance for Suboxone. You click on the URL and follow instructions. You will need to print the sheet out and then fill it out and take it in for your physician to sign it (but please before you waste valuable time, read all of the requirements). Please inquire of your physician how many patients he has on it. They are only allowed three patients per 100.
If you have any questions about filling it out or you can't locate it, please do not hesitate to ask us. There is no question too dum to ask . If you want to succeed in this world, continue to ask until you completely understand. Persistence is the key to winning.
I will be sharing even more vital information with you as I receive it not only on the Suboxone: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel but on my Suboxone Assisted Treatment website. Christmas is around the corner and if I can save any of you any money at all, I will let you know how. I am not asking any money from any of you to join and share my website for I know the cost of Suboxone and it means more to me to see you set free from the chains that have bound you for so long.
Sure, I spend my time helping all of you and we take phone calls twenty-four hours every day and night (365 days every year). Yes, it does cost us for this service but we do receive Grant Money to help with these. Most all forums are free and sure if you have a Moderator, she spends time welcoming new people and answering questions and keeping the conversation going. She is giving of herself and her time and I believe she should be reimbursed for the time she spends but we pay our Moderators from our Grant. I don't want any of you worrying over sending us any money especially during the Holiday Season.
Many forums have volunteers who work for free and I want all of you to be aware of it because when people ask for money you need to know where the money is going and to who(?) If they tell you it is going to pay (Forum Expenses) to keep it up or else they are going to have to bring it down, then it is a lie. I am telling you at the most a Forum doesn't cost over $4.99 -$6.99 monthly. Most all of them are free. You need to ask where will my money be going? Is it tax-deductible?
Let's talk about tax-deductible for a minute. I bring it up because I had a patient contact me just last week who donated money to a forum and believed it was tax-deductible. She sent $20 monthly for 12 months and joined the website as a member for $50 monthly for 12 months. Both her husband and herself worked and they expected to be able to deduct this off their income tax. They kept all their receipts and turned them into the IRS along with the remainder of their deductions. The IRS informed them they couldn't deduct those and of course, they wanted to know why? In order to deduct anything from your taxes, the organization you are giving the money to has to be a 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization. You have to apply for a license and it has to be approved by your state to become a Non-profit Organization. You are given a Tax ID# which makes you exempt from paying any kind of taxes.
I want you to remember to ask if they are a Non-profit Organization if you send any money to them. It is not tax-deductible at the end of the year and this probably doesn't matter to many of you but I found out it did matter to some. I thought I would share the knowledge I had gained working on the Internet with you. I didn't possess any knowledge about this in the beginning but after I constructed my website, "Suboxone Assisted Treatment" I found out you couldn't even apply for most Grants if you were not a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization and patients (visitors) could not write their donations off as tax deductible. It was the first lesson I learned and it was a costly one. Websites cost money to construct and they are not free like forums. You have a domain fee yearly, plus a website fee and if you have unlimited pages, as I did, you must pay extra money. Then you must apply for a Non-Profit 501 c(3) Organization license as I told you earlier otherwise you can't apply for a Grant (most). It can run from $750.00-$2000 but it depends on who you get to do it for you.
I couldn't afford a webmaster because they are very expensive, therefore, I had to do all my research and organize it and build my own website. I did all of it all by myself and yes, it took many long hours of work which turned into months and I had to meet all the expenses on my own during this time. I worked twelve hours a day for months and besides working on the website, my partner and I took calls twenty-fours a day and if they could not afford to call us, then we called them at our own expense. I had a forum too at this time which it did not cost me nothing as I told you earlier and I had someone in recovery apply as a volunteer to help moderate the forum for free which was a blessing. She had been helped through my forum and she wanted to give back to others and she did give of her time freely after she returned from work every day.
It was years before I met the criteria to even apply for a Grant. During the time I had to meet all the expenses on my own and do all the work on my own except for help answering the phone calls and forum but then I discovered if you want the universities and colleges to be able to use your websites, they must be HON-Code Approved.
Believe me, at this point I wanted to scream! No I never dreamed it took all of this to open a website. It doesn't if you plan on paying the expenses yourself and you don't care if the colleges and universities can use your information and of course, if you never want to apply for any financial assistance. I had no knowledge of how to construct a website before I started. I just knew I wanted to help people and I didn't think about making any money, not at all! But after I had been working six months trying to construct it...I began to see it was going to take some extra money to meet all the expenses monthly. It is when I knew I must apply for the Non-Profit 501 c(3) Organization and next I had to meet all the criteria to obtain the HON-Code. It didn't take me too long, maybe, about two weeks but it was very time -consuming work. What good was it if the universities and colleges couldn't utilize my information. confused It meant the Doctors wouldn't use it as a reference either and my chances of obtaining a Grant was slim. I did manage to acquire "HONCode Approval" for both of my websites. Now, it was time to apply for a Grant. I did. I applied for Grant after Grant and they were very time-consuming, tedious and difficult. I was turned down time after time. I didn't give up but there were many days I wanted to and I felt so very inadequate because people actually went to college to learn how to fill these out.
I didn't give up but it had nothing to do with the money but a burning desire to educate people and help them in achieving their goals. I persisted and I finally succeeded. It didn't happen overnight, nor in a couple of months not even in a few years, but it did come. Now, if you are wondering why I am telling you all this -it is because some people have no idea of what all is involved in even opening a website or in obtaining a Grant. You can't possibly appreciate what the person has done unless you know about everything that goes into the making of a successful website. I paid my dues. I want all of you to have an idea when you visit other websites how much time went into it.
I want you to know what it means to be HONCode Approved. I want you to know it must be a 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization for your contributions to be tax-deductible. I want you to know most Forums are free and most Moderators are volunteers. If they ask you for money, you need to know it isn't tax-deductible and you need to ask where it is going, certainly not to maintain Forum expenses. They say "knowledge Is Power." You possess more knowledge now than you did before you read this post. Congraulations, now use it!
I don't regret any of it but there are people out there everywhere asking for your money and before you give it to them, find out where it is going. Please do remember forums are free and most moderators are volunteers but I have always paid mine from the time I received a Grant. I believe if they are good and they spend time helping the members, they should receive compensation. How do you feel about it? Are Moderators helpful? What do you think their duties should be? Forums, most are not HONCode Approved and you never really know how reliable the information is unless they give you references. If they give you an answer, always ask for a reference.
Before I started building a website, I was always surfing the Internet. I spent many hours of my time on various forums answering questions and helping others if I could with the knowledge I possessed but I never once thought of charging them. The forum I first started was free and I was on there most of the time by choice because I wanted to form relationships with others like myself and help them with what they were going through. I wanted to share the knowledge I had acquired and what I had learned about methadone and I wanted to hear what they had to say. I never once thought of asking them for money. They are greedy people in this world and many people don't know it cost nothing to open most forums except the time you spend on it. Sure you can charge for your time and I believe if you are a member and the person has really helped you to grow and learn then you should contribute money only if you have it, but I prefer that you contribute your time to help others in need on the forum.
How many of us realize the importance of words spoken at the right time? They say "words" can't hurt you but it is not true. Words have the ability to give life and to take life away. Words spoken can either make your day or break your day.
Do you people have actually committed suicide over words spoken to them? Yes, many people have and it is such a shame we don't choose our words with more wisdom. Let's remember this when we speak? Is it too much to ask of all of you?
Have you ever been listening to a friend talk about another person in a negative way, but you didn't know the person she was speaking of? Do you not think the words she spoke influenced how you perceived the person even before you met her? Sure it did! I am sure if you seen her in passing, the first words that came to mind was what your friend said about her. If you were introduced to her, I have no doubt at all you remembered your friend's words about her and it certainly influenced how you felt about her, even before you met her. You should weigh the words carefully spoken about someone you haven't met because they can have much influence on the conclusion you develop about the person. It really is best not to listen to another's opinion except with a grain of salt. Make your own decisions about people. You never know the person could have been sent your way to help you but you missed your blessing because you listened to other's perception of her.
I'm calling it a night. Three o'clock comes very early in the morning. I only have two more mornings to attend. My dental work is coming along just fine. It was extremely painful for me and I couldn't talk very much because I had stitches in my mouth. Most of the swelling has gone down. I can't wait until I get all my teeth fixed and I am not ashamed to open my mouth. We have a price to pay if we want to look good, right?
Good Night! Sweet Dreams! Thanks for listening.

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Barbara Rue


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PostSubject: Deborah, you do have wings.   Wed 26 Nov 2008, 10:22 pm

Dear Deborah, God has given you such a way with words to reach people who need to hear you. Whenever I read your posts, I feel so at ease and know I'm being told the truth. I'm comforted by you when I'm afraid or just don't feel well. You are gifted with knowledge and spirited with a way of healing. I've said out of the pain comes pleasure. You know we have just gone through some emotional pain and now it's over, I find it's such a pleasure to have you to turn to. I would like to have a picture of you in your new teeth. I too, love to help people and try to make a difference in their lives. I hope soon you are over your ordeal with your surgery and feeling better. You and Dean are constantly in my prayers. I admire you both for what you are going through and not complain. You are special people. Good night to you as well. I've had a full day, but tomorrow is another day. I'll call you tomorrow to wish you a blessed day. Love, Barbara Rue
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Suboxone Assistance
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