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 Stopping Suboxone Too Soon

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PostSubject: Stopping Suboxone Too Soon   Wed 18 Feb 2009, 10:45 pm

Withdrawal is caused by alterations to the brain, not the buprenorphine. These alterations already existed before even starting buprenorphine. In other words the potential for withdrawal already existed and is not caused by the treatment medication (no more than insulin causes diabetes, even though symptoms return when treatment is stopped).
Buprenorphine suppresses those symptoms allowing you to do the work to change your brain back. If you don’t make those changes you haven’t alerted your potential for withdrawal. If you stop suppressing these symptoms with buprenorphine before their cause has healed, symptoms will undoubtedly return and at first glance buprenorphine could easily be mistaken for the cause.
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Stopping Suboxone Too Soon
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