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 A question about your suboxone provider

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PostSubject: A question about your suboxone provider   Wed 08 Apr 2009, 6:53 pm

Hi guys,
I have a question that I am curious about if you don't mind.
I was wondering about some of the doctors that are prescribing Suboxone.
Are you going to a regular doctor for your Suboxone or do you go to a Suboxone clinic? I know that there are a lot of doctors that are certified to prescribe Suboxone, I was wondering how they have their practice set up.
What I mean is do some of you go to a clinic much like a methadone clinic? Not daily, but weekly?
How does your doctor charge you for treatment? Does he/she charge you for each visit if you go to a clinic? Do they write you a prescription for your medication or do you have to pick it up your medication at the office?
How often do you see your doctor? Are you required to go to counseling or group?
Does your provider spend time with you in case you have any problems that you need to let them know about?
I am sorry if some of you think I am being nosey, but I though it would be a help to some of the new patients on Suboxone to know what they might expect.

As for my Suboxone provider, I have been going to her for 3 years now. In the beginning, I went once every two weeks, after a few months it was once a month, after about 8 months I started seeing her every two months. She would give me a one month supply of Suboxone on my prescription with one refill.
Since I had been hit by a car last December she has had me going every month just in case I have some stress issues going on. She writes my prescription for a one month supply.
She does have me going to a counselor once a week, and wanted me to attend AA. I tried AA for awhile but I felt uncomfortable in the meetings. So I don't do AA anymore.
I'd like to hear from the rest of you, if you feel as though there is something that I have left out, please feel free to add to the post.
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PostSubject: Re: A question about your suboxone provider   Wed 01 Jul 2009, 5:29 am

I didn't even know about Suboxone until my therapist suggested that I see a doctor that is certified to prescribe it. I go to a regular doctor every 2 weeks now. Whenever I went to my first appointment, I was there for 5 hours and had to go in for the next 3 days straight in order to get my dose adjusted-which they were very cooperative and understanding about it. Then, I had to go once every week-now every two weeks..and then eventually I will only have to go once a month. I am required to attend counseling and I have to take a urine test every single time I walk into the doctors office before I can get my Suboxone. I don't really have a close relationship with my doctor and we don't discuss anything that is going on in my life. They basically just look to see if I passed my urine drug test..tell me when to come back again..and then i'm off.
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A question about your suboxone provider
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