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 Save Money On Suboxone

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PostSubject: Save Money On Suboxone   Sat 23 May 2009, 7:15 pm

I received the information from a patient on buprenorphine and I thought I would share it with all of you. The following website allows patients without any insurance to print a free insurance card which can be used at most pharmacies to obtain a discount on Suboxone and many other medications. Every penny counts.
I would like to thank her for sharing the information with all of us. Thank you. If any of you have any idea of how to obtain any discounts and /or you find a Doctor in your area which is not too expensive, please take the time to share with all of us . We are all in this together and we need to start working together as a group to help one another. You haven't ended up here at random - you are here for a reason and it is because you have something special to offer that each of us need. You were brought here for a reason and I am hoping you will discover what your purpose is and start utilizing your talent to help others and yourself.
We have people really hurting and they need all the help they can obtain from all of us. We have members from every state and even other countries and I welcome all of you and if any of you have ways to help people pay for their medications then please if it is only a discount card, share it with all of us. I believe all of us are having some difficulties financially and if you can give anyone any advice at all which you utilize I am sure they will all appreciate it.
If you are a member and you need help financially, please do let us know and maybe some of us can help in some way. If you don't let us know, then we can't help you at all. We may not be able to accomplish much by ourselves but together we can change the world. I'm just asking all of you to try and help your members out because we are all fighting for the same cause and been afflicted with the same disease. It's time to start sharing from your heart and to start giving of yourself and you will find favor with all.
Thank you. May all of you have a Happy Memorial Day!
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PostSubject: Re: Save Money On Suboxone   Sun 24 May 2009, 10:00 am

Thank you Deborah,
I knew there was a Website with a discount prescription card, but could not for the life of me remember where it was or the name of it.
This card really will save you some money if you need it.
Last year I lost my insurance for about 6 months and was left to pay cash for my medications. My pharmacy did accept this card for Suboxone and it save me about 49.00 per prescription. So instead of paying 220.00 for two weeks of medication I paid 171.00.
I know that is still a lot of money. But it did help me out a great deal.
It is accepted at most all pharmacies.

*Remember: If you plan to use this card. It is important that you give it to your pharmacy at the same time as the prescription to be filled. You do not give it to the cashier. The card I.D. # has to be entered into the computer at the time your prescription is filled.

I hope that if you need help you will take advantage of this discount.


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Save Money On Suboxone
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