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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Greetings: My name is Barbara "Rue"

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Barbara Rue


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PostSubject: Greetings: My name is Barbara "Rue"   Mon 10 Nov 2008, 6:39 pm

[center]Most of my friends call me Ruey or just Rue. As you get to know me you'll see my name fits. My life, until Suboxone has been one bad break after another. It's only by somebody up there loving me have I maintained a socialable nature. I've truly been rode hard and put up wet, but somehow I've came out of it in good shape. I'm telling you this to let you know I'm one of you and no matter how bad things are, you can change to be better. As your moderator, I will do my best to share and care for you. No matter where you came from, you can make the changes to be happy. I will be here and near to you to show you can make it. Yours in recovery, Barbara Rue
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Greetings: My name is Barbara "Rue"
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