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 looking for friends

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PostSubject: looking for friends   Fri 03 Jul 2009, 12:11 pm

☀hello FRIENDS My name is vickye and just wanted to introduce myself! I am looking forward to finding new friends here!I know DEE from the methadone site and anxious to speak with her again soon.I have been on suboxone for over a year now and doing ok with it! I made the switch from methadone to suboxone "not by my choice at the time" but very thankful that my life went in this direction! I am not familiar with this site so maybe i can get some advice if I'm posting in the wrong place or anything. Thank YOU your friend Vickye
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PostSubject: Re: looking for friends   Fri 03 Jul 2009, 3:29 pm

Hi Vickye,
I'm so glad to see that you've made it here. cheers We do have another location for welcomes & introductions on the "Home Page" where you'll see where certain topics are to be posted. I know that it can be a bit confusing at times, especially being new to post. But, regardless of where you posted today, I'm just so glad to hear from you. Idea You mentioned that you've been on the Suboxone for a little over a year- kudos to you girl! Exclamation Like a Star @ heaven
By the way, my name is Beth & I have also been on the Suboxone for a bit longer than a year as well. I started it last May & what a change my life has taken for the better. Very Happy I didn't switch from the Methadone, as I went in withdrawling from oxycontins. I've learned & heard from others here who have done the switch over & I know that couldn't have been an easy experience for you. There are members here who are also trying to get to that point as well. I'm sure that they will introduce themselves as soon as they see that you've posted. You said that you'd already known Dee, (what an angel she is..) Like a Star @ heaven but she is one of the moderators here & is also one of the people who has changed over from Methadone to Suboxone. (as you may already know) We've often referred to it as a "life saving, miracle medication!" Dee is a very special woman, who has super strength & such a positive perspective on where we are now, today. She has become one of my best friends & has so much love to offer that I just wouldn't even know what to do without her. I'm sure that she'll be thrilled to see that you've posted. We all are! I really look forward to getting to know you better & I loved your title about "Looking for Friends" as that is what we all need. I've found my best friends here, as I had to break off many relationships with my local "friends" in order to keep my recovery top priority. Sad I still miss a few of them very, very much. One special lady in particular & we did try to remain friends. Then, there was just a little incident that just made me cut ties altogether. She was over visiting & I was helping her with one of her school projects. (it was based on raising children, their needs, physically & emotionally, how babies need that attention of the parents to hold & snuggle them, to teach them to love & know that they are loved, then compared to children in foreign countries who are just "warehoused" & left to lay in a small bassinet all day & night long. No love, no words, no one to hold them & rock them & teach them love..) I apologize for going way off topic with that story, so then as she was getting ready to leave, she opened up her lipstick tube & a pill fell right out onto the floor right in-between us. (this is 4 months into my recovery) She kind of laughed it off like "Oops!" but she didn't even recognize the effect that might have on me, as she knows that I am in recovery. It was no big deal, she picked it up, went into the bathroom & snorted it, came back out & said that she had to get going to class. Love ya, girl, talk to you later!" Shocked Suspect Question In my mind, I thought to myself "Sadly, no you won't." I have higher expectations for myself. I can only reach out to those that are in the same state of mind & situation that I'm in or my family & counselor. (my support system) I also long for friends & want you to know that this is the right place to be if your seeking true friendships. Please continue to reach out. Tell me about yourself (if your comfortable) Are you married? Children? If so, are they grown? Or still young, as mine are two, three & soon to be fourteen. Do you work? What do you do? I realize that I am bombarding you with questions & I certainly don't want to scare you off. Please post whenever your comfortable, but please continue to read, as you have been welcomed home! I love you
Happy 4th of July- please be safe! We were just lighting off some bottle rockets last week & the kiddos & I were standing in the garage, while Matt went down by the street to point it outward. Who knows why those things sometimes have a direction of their own, as I swear to you that it came right at Caroline & literally moved her curls of hair on her head. It missed her face by mere inches. Matt & I both fell into each other, praying & thanking God. He instantly put them away, as I stood there hugging her with tears streaming down my face. Caroline's only words were, "Wow- that was a close one!" Like a Star @ heaven So, please be cautious & have an incredible weekend! Although, I hope to hear from you sometime soon too! Idea
Welcome Home Vickye.
Yours in Recovery,
B I love you (Beth)
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PostSubject: Re: looking for friends   Fri 03 Jul 2009, 11:11 pm

Hi Vickye,
I am so glad that you were able to make it here. It has been a long time. A very long time hasn't it. I am glad that you were able to make the transition over to Suboxone ok. We have another member here that is from the Methadone forum that you were talking about. Sammy,I don't know if the two of you had the chance to meet but she is here as well. We also have Barbara with us. (Ish) From the Suboxone forum.
For those of you that are wondering what I am talking about and thinking; hey what Suboxone forum? This is the forum.
There was at one point, another older Suboxone and Methadone forum. That was last year.
In November, Deborah opened up the new forums. Which is where we are now.
At any rate, Vickye is is really good to see you.
I see you have already met Beth, who is just great. Soon I'm sure the others will make themselves known to you as well. Barbara is our other moderator and I'm sure she will also stop by to say hello.
By the way Beth and Vickye, don't be confused if your post doesn't seem to be where you left it. I did the moderator thing and relocated it where we are now.
Vickye, I promise you that it won't take long to learn this new forum. At first it may seem a bit confusing, but actually it's not that hard.
As Beth mentioned, you can look on the home page and see the different topics listed there. If you have any problems at all, let either myself, Barbara or any of the other members who happen to be here know and one of us will be happy to help you.
In the mean time, welcome aboard and make yourself at home.
Good to see you,


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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Barbara Rue


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PostSubject: Re: looking for friends   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 1:01 am

Hi and welcome Vickye,

So glad you found this site and posted with us. We are all a great bunch here. Very sincere in our feelings and caring about each other. It's late and was just checking the board before I went to bed...I'm glad I did. Hope to hear from you often. Congradulations on your transition to Suboxone. Talk to you again soon.

Yours in the struggle,
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PostSubject: Re: looking for friends   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 2:36 pm

hi vickye
im Suz
i found this site while my son was trying to find a decent suboxone dr .that story is posted in this forum somewhere .
i come to this site from a different prospective . i wasnt the addict , but indeed the mom of an addict . i never gave up on him and i studied hard about addiction so i could try to say and do the right things for him .
luckily ,his new dr turns out to be a good one . Smile hes definately on the right road now and loving it .
i know you have traveled a long hard road , so now that your here , sit back , kick off your shoes , and feel free to talk openly to the people here .
they are kind , understanding , and most have traveled a similar road .
im here to support you also .
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PostSubject: Re: looking for friends   

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looking for friends
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