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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome! addictsmom

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PostSubject: Welcome! addictsmom   Mon 10 Nov 2008, 9:33 pm

Greetings! I want to welcome "addictsmom" to our "Little Corner Of The World." We are here for you and we are glad to have you aboard. We are adding new members every day and I want all of you to know if you can't reach Barbara then send me an e-mail and let me know you need help.

I want all of you to get to know one another and help each other. We need to join together because we all can relate to what we all are going through and I can imagine if it is your child with substance-abuse problems how much it must be hurting you. I know how much it concerned my Mother and I asked her the other week to write a letter to all the parents and explain how she felt when it happened to me and how she dealt with it.

Many parents I talk to ask me how mine handled it when they discovered I had a problem. Finally, after so many requests I did ask my parents to address a letter to all the parents having substance abuse problems with their adult-children. I finally did receive it from my parents two days ago and I am going to post it on the Forum and maybe it will help some of you.

I'm glad you are here and I hope you will participate and if any of you have any suggestions, please do let Barbara or me know. If we can provide it for you then we will. We are here for you and I want all of you to enjoy coming and know you are safe and cared about and please feel like you can be yourself because we all possess unique qualities no one else has. We all have something to offer each other but sometimes we may need help discovering what it is.

Barbara and I both want all of you to grow and we want to build a strong community. Once we have become stable in our lives, we need to reach out and help others here. I want you to know I am here for you and can be reached at any hour by the phone 770-428-0871 /770-537-9119 especially if it is an emergency. You can leave me a PM here and I will get in touch with you and of course, Barbara is available,too. You are never alone.
Good Night! Talk to all of you tomorrow. affraid

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Barbara Rue


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PostSubject: Re: Welcome! addictsmom   Tue 11 Nov 2008, 11:08 pm

Hello Addictsmom, sorry I wasn't right here while you where. I was at work and just got in. If it's late and you won't see this til in the morning, please post and let's get to know one another. Tell me about what's going on and how we can work it out. A problem talked about is half solved and the more you talk about a problem, the smaller it gets. I'm happy you came here and in hopes you will remain. I'm Barbara, the moderator of the forum and here to do all I can to help. You are very welcome to contact me when you need to. Talk to you in the morning or I will be on line tonight. Your firend in deed, Barbara Rue
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Welcome! addictsmom
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