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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome to many new members...

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PostSubject: Welcome to many new members...   Wed 30 Sep 2009, 4:39 pm

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!
I am so very thrilled to see so many new people starting to join up in this battle of recovery on this forum that I like to refer to as "home!" And then to take the time to come here to share it with us, as each of our stories are so very different, yet look where we all are.. We need each other, more than ever. I am so happy that each & every one of you that have recently joined that you have made it here! It's such a great place for support, love, encoragement, friendship, RECOVERY!
My name is Beth & I became a member last November when the forum opened up. I am in absolute awe today to see that in less than one year that there are over 200 members. It is an incredible place to in situations that others around you are dealing with the very same ordeals as what you are or vice versa. I am currently a Suboxone patient & have had super success with it!! (other than the costs & lack of providers) As I am sure that many of you know that it costs around $8.00 per pill. That means that is your script is for three a day, your lookinmg at $24.00 per day, just for the medication itself. That doesn't include doctors appointments & counseling through their very own offices. It is very expensive! But it is worth every cent because it works! You can get your life back to maintainable.
I thank God for his miracle medication & giving me yet another shot at life! I really look forward to hearing from any or all of you & how it is that you came to decide to become a member here. I urge you to open up & let the pain out of your heart ease even just a little bit. We can help you to carry your load, as I have figured out through this very forum what true friendship is. And it gets easier & easier to "let it out" the more that you do it.
Also, there are two websites associated with the forum for both Suboxone & for Methadone, depending on what you need. They are both HON-certified, which means every detail is accurate & can be validated, as well as being the most up to date information available on these medications.

The Suboxone Assisted Tretament Website link is:

The Medical Assisted Treatment of America Inc. Website link is:

Again, I would like to welcome each of you more personally, but I don't see the names, just that the number of members which are going up & up & up, which brings me happiness because I know what I have found here & I wish the same for all of you. Please open up some about your situations & you may find out how surprised you are by how much better you feel after you let out some of that crap that we tend to hold inside. I really look forward to getting to know any of you.
Your Friend in Recovery,

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Welcome to many new members...
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