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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome to our Suboxone Forum

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PostSubject: Welcome to our Suboxone Forum   Sat 10 Oct 2009, 8:05 pm

Good Evening Everyone,
Please join me in welcoming our newest members to our Suboxone family.
Our latest members are, Mishelle, WannaSotp, & Worriedwife.

It is good to have all of you here with us. My name is Dee and I am one of the moderators of the forum. We have two other moderators as well. Their names are Barbara Rue & Beth. I'm sure they will both be along soon to say hello and welcome you as well.
Please make yourselves at home and read the postings of the other members.
I am curious as to what has brought you to our family today. Are you currently Suboxone patients or thinking about staring Suboxone?
What ever the reason please know that you are most welcome here.
We are a support forum for Suboxone patients and their family members who may be trying to find ways of supporting their families that are suffering from this awful disease called addiction.

If any of you have any questions please don't hesitate to let us know. We have many members that I'm sure would be happy to help you. Although we are all separated by miles and miles we are still close at heart.
I look forward to meeting all of you.
Yours in Recovery,


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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Humor : There is no room in your heart for anger when you are filled with gratitude.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to our Suboxone Forum   Sun 11 Oct 2009, 11:59 am

Hello everyone!
I would also love to welcome our three new members, WorriedWife, Mishelle & WannaStop!! Welcome to the group, as you can see we are continuing to grow in leaps and bounds!! I am so happy to see that you all have made it here. This forum is an absolute Godsend created for all of us that are dealing with an opiate addiction in our lives. This disease has taken so many lives & destroyed them. This forum is here to try to help put the pieces back together for those of us who have made it through this at all. Sort of like Humpty Dumpty. It is wonderful that you no longer have to feel alone or ashamed of this disease. There are so many of us here going through nearly the same circumstances, all a bit different, but soo much alike that it is very comforting to know that others really can understand what you are enduring..
My name is Beth & I am currently a Suboxone patient. I have been on it for a little over a year & a half. That may not sound like very long, but my entire life has changed within that time frame. I had been using Oxycontins & my addiction was obviously getting more & more out of control. I still cannot believe that I made it through those very last few months of my using. I wrecked three vehicles within a six month time frame, yet never hurt anyone else, nor myself. I did not have my children in the cars with me any one of those times. They were normally with me 90% of the time. I have to look at who I was when I was using & who I am now and I have to have some self pride for that. I have to be proud that I have made it thus far. Despite everything that I did do, I can look on the mirror today & not hate myself for knowing that I was doing something wrong. Way too many somethings wrong. Suboxone has been a wonder drug, "a life saving miracle medication!" I can be proud of who I am today. I am far from perfect, but due to God & Suboxone, I am alive! And learning what self respect & esteem even are...
I ask the three of you what brought you here? Are you currently in recovery or thinking of beginning Suboxone or Methadone? I am thinking that WorriedWife may not be here because of her own addiction..? It (addiction) certainly does affect the entire family. Oh & the stress that it puts on relationships! Can any of you relate to these type of issues? Do you have children? I hope that you will let us hear a bit about what you are all going through as well. Something must be weighing on you for you to decide to become a member here- we are here to help in anyway that we can to ease your struggles! I hope that you will share & let us help lighten your load.
I look forward to getting to know the three of you better. We are beginning to try to have chat sessions on Monday & Friday mornings at 9:00am as well as Tuesdays & Thurdays at 7:00pm. I encourage all of you to come check one out. The love, support, encouragement, friendships, need I go on, that exist between these special members is like having a second family. I have made my very best friends here. I apologize because I do not have the link to insert here, but I will ask Dee to put out an announcement with the specific times & how to get there. I believe that if you go to the link below my name for the MethadoneAssistedTreatment, then click it, when it comes up, scroll down the left side of the page until it says Chat Log In, click there, where you will put in your name & your there. But again, I will make sure of this with Dee and really hope to see you there in the morning with your cup of coffee & daily issues or topics that are set up for that day. We want your input. I really look forward to getting to know you better.
God bless you all & again, welcome home!
Yours in the Struggle,
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Number of posts : 695
Age : 42
Humor : There is no room in your heart for anger when you are filled with gratitude.
Registration date : 2008-11-20

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to our Suboxone Forum   Sun 11 Oct 2009, 12:08 pm

Hi- it's Beth again.
I wanted to let you know exactly how to get to the chat room.
Under my name click the MethadoneAssistedTreatment,
when it comes up, there are options down the left side of the screen, you will need to click on "Methadone Talk" where it will direct you to the page with the link on it. You need to go to nearly the end of the post & press the link to "Log On" and then will come up the spot where you put in your name (or nickname), click there & your logged onto the chat.
Just wanted to clarify my above post.
Hope to see you there tomorrow at 9:00.
Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to our Suboxone Forum   

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Welcome to our Suboxone Forum
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