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 Sharing a Thought for Today

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PostSubject: Sharing a Thought for Today   Wed 11 Nov 2009, 12:45 pm

In recovery there is a great saying "Easy Does It But Do It". I always understood what this saying meant but I never really applied it to my life.

I was living under the assumption that things always have a way of working themselves out. Which is true... if you do your part.
Since we work on our ability to accept the things we cannot change we should sure as heck be working on the other part to that which is having the courage to change the things we can.
A long time ago in my recovery I decided to live by a very simple plan: Do what I can, the best that I can each and every day. Simple right?

It's a simple idea but the act of performing it is tough at times. It involves facing problems head on as they arise, no matter how big or how small. Which, for some reason, I tend to want to shy away from the smaller problems but jump into high gear when the big problems present themselves. Looks like I have things a little backwards when it comes to that.

It also involves doing something daily that will keep me moving forward in life. This is also a lot more difficult than it appears on paper (I understand this isn't paper... it's a saying ok?).
First, you need to set some future goals for yourself. This can be tricky because expectations are sometimes confused for goals. We all know what expectations are right? Today's expectations are tomorrow's resentments. What? Did you guys forget that I love all the corny addiction recovery sayings?

After setting some of your main goals you then need to figure out what will go into achieving that goal. This is where you breakdown what actually needs to be done and... start doing it. Day by day you complete all of the mini tasks that move you closer to your goal until finally... you have reached it.

But, and there is always a but, it's not always going to be easy. Let's take into consideration the fact that I still have some bad behaviors to modify within myself. This can make my simple plan of doing what I can, the best that I can every day a little more difficult.

A little more difficult but definitely doable. I look at all of the "character flaws" that I've already successfully changed or at least reigned in a whole bunch and it gives me the confidence that I can tackle just about any strange, destructive, weird, embarrassing behavior that I have in this brain of mine.

So yes, while I agree that life is not a race and not everything in your life needs to be worked on at once I also agree with the old AA wisdom of Easy Does It, But Do It.

So what goals have you set for your life and what daily things are you doing to make sure you reach those goals?

Taken from "What Winners Do"


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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Sharing a Thought for Today
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