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 My life today is better

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PostSubject: My life today is better   Sun 15 Nov 2009, 2:12 pm

Today is Sunday the day of rest I take today and look back on the week that has gone by and the past years. Wow what a week,MY Dr. gave me great news I have my meds covered by the drug company for a whole year no excuse not to stay clean I started a bedroom and finished it from top to bottom even the floor .I look at it and say ya Kim you did that on your own and it looks great ..I started by taking down the old wallpaper in places and repairing the the walls sanding here and there going back and redoing places that quit weren't right yet .Then I ask Jaime about the colors that would go on the walls trim and ceiling she gave me her input and used some of her ideas and used some of my own ..Went out bought the paint and started painting and has covered the areas I thought about what it would look like when done either I could do a half ass job or do it right I chose the right way took more time but it looks like a I cared to do it right makes me feel good .Then on the the touch up and boy its still not done will be finding places that need some forever .I told Jaime that I wanted to redo the hardwood floor in the bedroom and was going to rent a big floor sander she said don't I could ruin the floor I almost did go out and rent the big floor sander but thought about what could happen so didn't.. Instead I took a small sander on my hands and knees and did the floor ..Sure it took more time but I didn't ruin the floor ( I listened to some one else ) I put the final coat on the floor last night and its dry this morning .I look at the floor I just refinished and the floors in the rest of the house ..Boy the one I just did sure looks good not perfect but better a lot better . This whole job I did I this week gave me some insight into my recovery .I am a work in progress the sum total of everywhere everything I have done .I cant go back and redo where I have been or done but I can only move ahead and make my life better and be proud of what I'm doing now ..Sure there will be touch up and more walls to clean paint and fix ..Today I finished one room in my home ..I love this forum and people I have found here thank you for your support and everything you do for we all are addicts and we need each other.

Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: My life today is better   Sun 15 Nov 2009, 11:25 pm

It sound like your week has been a week of learning as well. I m proud of you and along with that I am proud to have you hear with us.
When you were working on that room, not only were you doing something without the help of opiates you also took the time to listen to what someone else suggested and weighed your options. Instead of going ahead and doing it your way, you tired something else. And succeeded.
It sounds like you and Jamie are getting along much better. Are you? I am happy for you.
When I come onto the forum and read what is going on in everyone else's life, I get a warm feeling of comfort in knowing that here are genuine people trying as hard as they can to give it life there all. To do things without the use of opiates. Every time that I come on here and read someone else's accomplishments it encourages me to keep moving forward in my own life
And congratulations on the great news from your provider. That is a big relief for you I know. I'm sure that it helps not to have to worry about how your going to pay for your medication over the next year. Please keep us posted.
Yours in Recovery,


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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My life today is better
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