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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome to our four newest members!

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PostSubject: Welcome to our four newest members!   Mon 11 Jan 2010, 1:53 pm

Hello & Welcome to our newest members- Amy, Kakatide, Jennee & JJ Reid!
Hello to all of you & welcome to the forum!! My name is Beth & it always makes me very happy to see that we have a new member, much less four new people within the last couple of days! I apologize that I haven't been here sooner to welcome you aboard to what I like to consider my "second home"- a safe place from the rest of the world to come & talk about our addiction issues. Many times, those of us who do have an addiction do not feel like anyone can understand what we are struggling through on a daily basis, even throughout our recovery. It seems to be a misconception that once you stop taking your drug of choice, then you should be fine, all better, end of story.. But as you probably know, just as I do, that is not the case. We still have the disease, but it is only in remission while we are not actively using, so to speak. That was the biggest (hardest) thing for my family to understand. I am an opiate addict, as well as becoming addicted to benzos throughout my opiate recovery. I have been freed from the opiate addiction through the help of Suboxone for nearly 2 years now, but the benzos are a more current problem for me. I did go into the hospital the day after Thanksgiving (Friday) through Monday to safely medically detoxify as I also have epilepsy & was scared of seizures or worse if I tried to stop on my own. It has been a very difficult time period for me trying to get off of this medication. But back to my original point, the perception is that all shoud be well now because I am no longer using them, but the truth is, it is harder than ever right now. Back when I was still using the opiates (Oxycontins) & it all came to light to my family, friends, etc. because I was obviously hiding it from everyone, I made the decision to go into detox from the opiates as well. I was there for five days & was detoxed by using Subutex, then was sent home, without any maintenance medication. When I returned home, the family thought that I was "cured!" Yet, I felt the same or worse than ever. It wasn't even a week before I relapsed & then was so very angry with myself that I vowed to find a doctor who could & would help me to get onto a maintenance medication to help me to get my life back. I found a Suboxone doctor & began taking it May 5, 2008 & IT HAS WORKED! The anchor that had been around my ankle for so very long was finally severed!! As I began my journey of recovery, I also learned that I had been "self medicating" for underlying issues that I still am trying to deal with. Mainly, anxiety & depression. My doctor tried out myriads of different medications to try to help these symptoms, but most made me feel so very out of it that I could not function properly. That was when I was prescribed the Tranxene (a benzo) & it did work- very well in fact!! Too well.. I didn't really realize it to be a problem until my tolerance began to grow & well, we all know how that story goes... It was like another anchor had been placed around the other ankle! And I am still fighting this one very hard!! Anyways, I felt like I wanted to share a little about myself & why I love this forum so very much. When I felt like no one else in the world could understand how I was feeling, that "terminal uniqueness" that consumes our thoughts when we feel stuck alone in our own addicted mind, I was wrong. I first joined the forum a year ago in November & upon first joining, Barbara (one of the forum's moderators- Barbara, Dee & myself) told me something that I will never forget & often mention to our newest members. She told me "that a problem talked about is a problem half solved!" I wasn't so sure at first- after all, who wants to talk about the very worst aspects of themselves to strangers? But I quickly learned that she was 100% right & that these people were only strangers if I chose to not get to know them better! I have made some of my very best friends right here & to top it all off, they even understand what addiction & recovery entails & are full of support!! On the days that I feel weak, they help to pick me up & vice versa on the days that they need picked up as well.
Now, that I have rambled to you about my opinion & feelings, I would like to ask each of you what has brought you to become a member here? Are any of you currently on Suboxone or Methadone? Or thinking of beginning either of them? We also have two great websites to check out regarding these medications, (the links are directly below my name, as well as Dee & Barbara's names) as well as a wealth of information on the most up to date treatments, etc. I would also like to mention that both sites are HON certified, meaning that ALL info is 100% accurate & current. I really urge you to take a look..
I would love to hear more about all of you & your situations as you feel more comfortable to share. If there is anything that we can possibly help you with or if you have any questions, please let us know & we will do what we can to help! Again, welcome to you all & I hope to get to know you better soon!
Your Friend Struggling in Recovery,
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Welcome to our four newest members!
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