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 My Provider

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PostSubject: My Provider   Sun 17 Jan 2010, 11:22 pm

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I added this section to the forum and to be honest with you, I forgot about it until tonight.
I'd like to tell you a little about my provider.

She is a Psychiatrist, before that she practiced family medicine for years. I started seeing her in May of 2006. In all of that time she has been nothing less than fair with me. If I have a problem I know that all I need to do is call the office and I can get an appointment to see her as soon as the next day as long as she is not out of town. (when she goes out of town there is always plenty of notice)
She strongly recommends her patients attend some type of support meetings/group along with counseling.
Her office staffs counselors but you are not required to see one in the office if you don't feel comfortable. You are free to use whatever counselor you like. If you choose to use one in the office my provider has a great knack for matching the patient up with one that works well with them.
I started with my counselor last year and I have to say the match up is great.
Both my provider and counselor listen to what I have to say. I mean really listen. I know there is a set time limit on my sessions, but I've never been rushed or cut short on what I have to say.

As far as providers go, I am blessed to have who I have. So many people put up with doctors that are only out for the money and that makes me sick.
If you have a provider that treats you less that what you deserve to be treated. You don't have to stay. You have rights, exercise them.
Yours in Recovery,


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My Provider
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