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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Welcome Psams51!

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PostSubject: Welcome Psams51!   Wed 17 Mar 2010, 2:14 pm

Hi Psams51, My name is Cathy and I am a long time member here. I thought I would write you to welcome you. I am sure once the moderaters see that you are here they will welcome you also.

I been a Suboxone patient since August of 2008. I have not relapes since then and I was the queen of relapes. I hope you get a chance to look around here. There is alot of support and information here. I hope to talk to you soon. Cathy
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Psams51!   Thu 18 Mar 2010, 12:42 pm

Hello & Welcome Psams!!!
How are you doing today? Is the sun shining where you are located? My name is Beth & I live in Ohio. And the sunshine is so very bright today that I cannot help but to feel more energized & relieved. I am so tired of all the snow, ice, cold temps, the whole kit & kaboodle!! We received record setting snowfall in February as we continued to get storm after storm. Nearly six feet of snow at one point..
Anyways, I certainly didn't post to you to talk about the weather, just really appreciating the small things in life & the sunshine seems to re-fuel me!!! As I've mentioned, my name is Beth & I am currently a Suboxone patient. I have been on it since May 2008 & believe that it truly saved my life!!! I had tried to quit so many times before & in so many different ways & although I did have bouts of "clean" time, I always ended up going back to my opiates. They were how I dealt with my life. Good days, bad days, as well as any & everyday. I was hooked!! I could not go through a day without my Oxycontins, which had started from Vicodin, then Lortabs, then Percocet, then moved up to the Oxy's & my life became totally unmanagable- the downward spiral was getting faster & faster!! (and FASTER!!) Fortunately, I heard of a medication that helped opiate addicts be able to get off of them. It was really a Godsend for me because I first heard of this medication while listening to the radio, when driving home from getting my daily "supply" & I was already feeling extremely guilty, ashamed, all of those not so wonderful emotions that we deal with throughout this disease. So, I pulled over & wrote down the phone number. Long story short (or rather shortened..) I ended up going onto the web to find out some info about this "miracle medication" & once again, God intervened & led me right to where I needed to be- HERE!!!! This forum is such a wonderful, special, SAFE place to be able to come to for answers to questions that you may have, friendship, support & encouragement from our super special members. (just like Cathy, who had posted you above to introduce herself- she is an angel with a message! ) We also encourage you to post to just be able to talk to others about addiction & recovery, as we have all been where you are today. (meaning that we all were new to the forum at one point & after you begin posting, you'll see how much easier it becomes for you to share about yourself!) I use this quote often, but its because it is so very true that I feel compelled to share what I have learned. When I first joined the forum in Nov. 2008 & was trying to find the words to write about my own situation, a very dear friend & one of our Moderators sent me this quote. "A problem talked about is a problem half solved!!" I still thank Ms. Barbara for that incredible advice that she shared with me & she was absolutely correct, therefore helping me to open up about myself. That probably opened Pandora's Box by giving me that option to just talk about anything & everything on my mind. Therefore, I do not have to carry it on my shoulders alone anymore. Before becoming a member here, I didn't know of anyone who was on the Suboxone, therefore had no one to discuss these type of issues with. I felt completely alone & thought that there wasn't anyone who could understand what I was going through on a daily basis. It was a very lonely & sad time period. This fourm has shown me completely otherwise! I can come onto here & share anything about my life's issues, while KNOWING that other members here can fully understand the emotions & issues that come along with our disease. They have either already gone through it themselves or are on the same journey, so I have NEVER had to feel alone with my recovery again!!!
Are you currently on Suboxone or thinking of beginning it? Or Methadone? As we have two sister websites that cover both maintenance medications. I strongly encourage you to take a look at the websites, as they are filled with a wealth of information on addiction & recovery, as well as the medications themselves. The links to these websites are located directly beneath my name, as well as Barbara's name & Dee's name. Dee is our forum manager & is an angel from God who will give everything that she has within her to attempt to help another person get out of the grips of active addiction & into recovery. That is what we are all really here for, to help each other through the daily struggles that come along with recovery. Our CEO, Deborah, who is suffering from a broken arm at the moment, is the person who created this site, as well as the websites & none of this would even exist if it were not for her & her drive to help others. I am one of the forum's "Moderators" as well as Dee & Barbara, & right now they are both going through some of their own personal suffering. Today, Dee is having a lung biopsy as her doctor found a fluid filled mass within her lung & needs to be able to diagnose what it is exactly. She is probably going through that as I type this & I ask for your prayers for her & her situation. We love our precious Dee, as you will understand as you get to know her better. And as for Ms. Barbara, she is healing more & more each day as she has recently gone off of her Suboxone & is still adjusting to these new feelings. She is really on a roller coaster ride with her emotions, which is completely normal when stopping any medication that you have been taking daily for years upon years, but she is remaining strong & I commend her for her great strength & determination, as well as bravery!! We are so very proud for her!! And what superb inspiration she is showing others by her example. Kudos to our dear Ms. Barbara!!
Now that I think that I have covered the main objectives of this forum, I ask you, what brought you to decide to become a member here? Are you doing okay or do you need some help with any type of situation? If you have any type of questions that you are looking for answers to, please do not hesitate for even a moment to ask away. That is what we are here for & if we do not have the answer, then we will help find it for you. We can help you locate Suboxone Providers in your area, as well as helping find financial assistance if needed. Do you have any health insurance coverage? Personally, I do not. I am a cash patient & this treatment is quite costly, but worth every penny that goes into it. Especially because it is still cheaper than what my addiction was costing me & that is only from the financial aspect...
SO, again, welcome aboard the best forum on earth & we will be looking to hear more about you & your situation, when you feel comfortable to share. I am anxious to get to know you better & am so happy that you have joined us here!
Please don't forget to take a look at our websites as they will amaze you with the amount of available info & everything that is on these sites is HON Certified, meaning completely accurate, most up to date info available, with references for everything on them. Definately worth checking out...
Hope to hear from you soon!
Yours in the struggle for recovery,
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Psams51!   Thu 18 Mar 2010, 9:08 pm

Hi Psams!

Glad to see another member has joined and in hopes you will make yourself at home. As Beth said I'm going through my own private trials right now. Like the old song says, "It don't come easy." My mind isn't screwed on to tight right now. I'm just trying to let you know even though it's hard for me to write, I care and want to hear from you when you feel up to it. You are in good hands here and we don't judge each other. We are here for the good and to help each other.

Yours in the struggle,
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Psams51!   

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Welcome Psams51!
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