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 Out of Suboxone and am crawling out of my skin

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PostSubject: Out of Suboxone and am crawling out of my skin   Tue 15 Jun 2010, 11:11 pm

My Dr. had an emergency and went into surgery today.  He didn't realize I was up for a refill as of two days ago.  Never returned my calls.  What do I do now?  I'm feeling horrible and trying to be the fab mom I always am but I'm just a puddle of tears.  These withdrawls are horrible.  The pharmacy wouldn't give me even 1, I asked!  I understand why but how can a Dr not have a partner in his practice who could handle these emergencies?  Any advice from anyone to physically and mentally make me feel a bit better until I figure out what the heck I'm going to do?  I need to find a new dr but with these withdrawls......I can barely get my thoughts about my to type.

Any help?

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PostSubject: Re: Out of Suboxone and am crawling out of my skin   Wed 16 Jun 2010, 9:30 pm

Hi Jen,
My name is Dee and I am the manager of this forum. We also have a moderator who will probably be here soon to talk with you as well. Her name is Barbara and she is a very knowledgeable and understanding woman.

I do agree with you one hundred percent about your doctor. I could never understand how a doctor who has sworn to help people can go and leave his practice without having another associate on call for the patients who may need him, or one that has a staff that cannot reach him when he is needed. I do understand that doctor do have surgeries, vacations and other things they have to attend to, but to leave and not have anyone to cover in irresponsible in my book.

You mentioned that he was aware that you were going to need your prescription two days ago. Did you call him or go to the office for your prescription at that time?
When is your next scheduled appointment? DO you have one yet? I see that you wrote your post late last night, hopefully you have been able to reach him today. If not, I would suggest that you call and call him until you get through. Or can you go to his office? Surely there has to be someone there.

If all else fails, go to the emergency room, take your Suboxone bottle with you and explain the situation to the doctor on duty. Usually the ER doctor won't give you a prescription, but he can give you at least one dose to see you through until you see your doctor.
Let us know how things are going.
I'm sorry I know that this isn't much help to you when you are out of your medication, but you need to make sure this doesn't happen again. When you know that you only have a one week supply of medication you need to make your appointment so that you know you are not going to run out, or make that appointment at the end of your present appointment.
Let us know if you have been able to reach your doctor and how you are doing.


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Out of Suboxone and am crawling out of my skin
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