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Gain knowledge and share experiences with Suboxone, to obtain support through coming together with one bond in common-To help, support and educate others.
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 Thank god for you guys

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PostSubject: Thank god for you guys   Sat 26 Jun 2010, 8:23 pm

This seems like SUCH a great resource for those looking for suboxone and those that are looking for information about suboxone and to talk to other people that are using it to actually STAY SOBER.

I have been involved in the computer security field for over 15 years. I have been bartending in the biggest city in the state I live in (Vermont) before I was even old enough to drink.

there are so few suboxone providers in my area, and even less people looking to use this drug to turn their lives around.

contrary to popular belief, suboxone DOES get people high if they are not withdrawing off other opiates. I know this from personal experience (using it while I was locked up in jail) and seeing the effects on other people.

buprenorphine is a POWERFUL drug. the other drug in suboxone supposedly only metabolizes in your system if injected. I have tried to shoot up suboxone before, it doesn't do much, but shooting up subutex DEFINITELY does.

I am only telling you people this because , in the same theory as needle exchanges, I want people to get information that will keep them safe, if they don't want to be clean.

dont shoot up suboxone. it's a waste of time.

dont shoot up ANYTHING. you will die.

i have contracted hep-c, and im relatively young.

now i have to take a drug that aggravates my liver, two times over...
supposedly bupreorphine AND naloxone aggravate the liver,
which is why I'm looking into getting subutex (buprenorphine only)
because I want to stop any damange to my liver I can deal with..

also looking into methadone.
but vermont only has one clinic, and it's got a 6-12 month waiting list.

any PM's or emails would be greatful on the subject.

this is a great message board, i will definitely lurk moar.


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PostSubject: Re: Thank god for you guys   Sat 26 Jun 2010, 10:13 pm

Wilson, thank you for your post. And thank you for your comments about this forum. When Deborah created the forum she wanted a safe place for Suboxone Patients. It was her goal to have a place where there was no room for judgement towards people who choose to take Suboxone.
There are many forums on the net that claim to be full of support but somewhere along the line they seem to loose their meaning. Eventually someone will try to convince you to stop taking Suboxone.
In the four years that I have been taking it no one has ever told me it would cure my addiction. But I have heard different from many patients.
Suboxone is indeed a very strong medication and should not be taken lightly.
You are absolutely right, people can get high from Suboxone. But for people that are taking it the way they are supposed to, they feel more normal then they have in years. For those who only take it when they cannot get anything else, they do get high.
It really makes my angry that we don't have as many providers as we should. Doctor don't seem to want to fool with it. But yet, there is still plenty of it being diverted to the streets.
Even though we only have the one Methadone clinic in Vermont, the town that I live in has a bus that transports Methadone patients to a clinic over in New Hampshire. The bus leaves everyday early in the morning so people can get their dose then returns when they are finished.
You can try calling Marble Valley Transit to see if you can get more information on it.


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Thank god for you guys
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