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 As Much As the Valet

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PostSubject: As Much As the Valet   Mon 18 Oct 2010, 6:43 am

This is me!
Not a great picture, but very realistic... sunny

October 18

As Much As the Valet

Every decision you make indicates what you believe you are worth. -A Course in Miracles

We pulled up to the Beverly Hills Hotel behind a line of luxury cars. My partner Charley handed the valet a $5 tip, and we went in for breakfast. The menu, like many haut cuisine restaurants, had no prices printed. Charley placed his order and then asked the waiter, "How much would a side order of bacon cost?" "Five dollars," answered the man. Charley thought for a moment, and then answered, "I guess I'll pass."

After the waiter left, I could see that Charley really wanted the bacon. "Go ahead, get the bacon!" I encouraged him.

"You're right," he answered, and called the waiter to make the order. Then a stunned look washed over Charley's face as he told me, "I just realized something very profound: I thought nothing of giving the valet a $5 tip-that's just what is done here. But when it came to feeding myself some food I enjoy, I had a hard time doing it. I wasn't even loving myself as much as the car attendant. "

The next time you're faced with a choice about taking care of yourself, ask yourself, "Would I give this gift to another person if I could?" Most likely, you would feel very blessed and joyful to nurture someone in a way they would love. Then go ahead and bestow yourself with the same blessing. God rejoices just as much when you give to yourself as when you give to another.

It's not selfish to love or pamper yourself-it's a holy opportunity to celebrate what you truly deserve. Open your heart to yourself as much as you would to others, and you will find the meaning of true love.

Show me how to love myself as You love me.

I give myself all the good I can imagine.

This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.
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PostSubject: Re: As Much As the Valet   Mon 18 Oct 2010, 9:30 am

Thank you Beth
When read this it did remind me of the several times that I have given something to someone but not to myself. I guess I never thought about it.
Maybe it's time I started thinking more about myself.

It's easy for me to say that, but in reality it is hard to do. Whenever I say something like I am going to do this or that for me, I then wonder if I am being selfish or actually I worry that other people are going to see me as being selfish.

I struggle with that often.
I will go without because I do not want to appear to be selfish. How does one overcome that feeling?


"I will let yesterday end so that today can begin."
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As Much As the Valet
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