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 Unforeseen Circumstances

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PostSubject: Unforeseen Circumstances   Tue 02 Nov 2010, 10:02 am

November 2

Unforeseen Circumstances

Never make forecasts, especially about the future.
— Samuel Goldwyn

I was taken aback to read a newspaper article about a convention of psychics that had been canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances. ” If we can’t depend on a group of professional psychics to know their own future, who can we look to? Is the future knowable? Can anyone truly predict what will happen?

A psychic, seer, or prophet can look down the road and see likely outcomes of actions and attitudes that are currently in motion. But at any moment, a human being can make a new decision and alter the course of events. A good psychic always leaves room for free will. Because we are imbued by God with the power to create, we can re-create our life at any time.

Experts in worldly sciences, too, make predictions based on history and trends. A doctor may tell you your chances of recovery, an economist may forecast market cycles, and an astrologer may indicate fortuitous times to act. But all of these predictions are based on you and others continuing what has always been done. If you choose a different course, you will create a different destiny. “Terminal cancer, ” for example, is a very dishonest term. A long time ago, I read that more persons have survived cancer than make up the population of Los Angeles. I am certain that that number has increased immensely by now. I know of support groups for “former terminal cancer patients?" Now there is a beautiful oxymoron!

You have the power to create unforeseen circumstances. You were not born to be a statistic; you were born to be ecstatic. Choose your own destiny, and live by your own rules, not the world’s.

Help me to live by the laws of love and
create the future I choose.

I step forward into the world I create
by my choice.


This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.
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Unforeseen Circumstances
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