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PostSubject: Firewalbing   Mon 15 Nov 2010, 10:39 am

November 15


Feel the fear and do it anyway.17

— Dr. Susan Jeffers

Do you know the difference between courage and fearlessness? When you’re fearless, you’re not frightened by the task at hand, and you simply go ahead and do it. When you’re courageous, however, you feel afraid and walk ahead in spite of it.

In this world, courage is far more important than fearlessness. One of our missions in life is to discover what holds us back from being ourselves and dismantle our illusions.

If we do not face our fears, we cannot heal them. Someone who is not afraid of snakes may walk into a snake pit and impress everyone who sees him; such an act is of little value, though, as there is no risk, stretch, or growth; he is doing something that is easy for him. If, however, he harbors a fear of public speaking, he would accomplish more by joining Toastmasters than walking through a snakepit.

Fear is not real, for if it were, everyone would be afraid of the same things. The word real implies constancy If you’re afraid of spiders and I’m not, and if I fear enclosed spaces and you do not, we demonstrate that there is nothing inherently fear-inducing about spiders or closed spaces. The next time you face a fear, think of someone you know who is not afraid of that thing, and visualize the ease and peace with which they would handle that experience.

Make a list of your responses to the open-ended statement, “If I were not afraid, I would... ” Include only those responses that you would make if fear were not a block. Then just do them. One by one, walk through your fears, and you will discover that none of them has any power whatsoever.

Help me to be bigger than fear.
I can do all things with the strength You give me.

My nature is love and strength.
I overcome all fear with the power of peace.

This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen's meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.
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